Student Research Projects

All students within the Humanities Department complete a culminating capstone research project based on their own research interests and under the supervision of a faculty member of their choice.

The research project can take myriad forms, from a traditional research paper of approximately 25 pages to a short documentary film or a community development project plan. The topic is guided by a student's passion and the final project reflects his or her critical thinking and communication skills. We encourage students to view the Senior Project as both a culmination of their degree AND a stepping stone into their future.

In the first semester of the senior year students enroll in Senior Project Workshop for 1 unit. Over the course of the semester students identify their research topic and question, select a faculty reader, determine their research method, and begin the research process.

In the second semester students enroll in Senior Project for 3 units. During this semester they complete their research and work extensively with their faculty reader to bring their project to completion and achieve the standards of excellence encouraged by the department.

Upon completion, projects are submitted to Dominican Scholar, our scholarly repository.