Alumni Success Stories

Kenneth Fish

Prior to entering the program as a freshman with no prior college experience, Fish maintained a private blog. He had a loyal following but he was a closet writer. “I wanted to write for a living,” he says, “but I feared exposure.” Foundations (a required Pathways entry course) with Tom Burke and Poetry Writing with Jan VanStavern changed all that.

According to Fish, one of the first things Tom Burke said to him in Foundations was, “If you’re a writer and people ask what you do, tell them you’re a writer. Say it enough and it will happen.” Fish adds, “And it did!”

Kenneth Fish is Coordinator of Interlibrary & Consortia Lending at Dominican's Archbishop Alemany Library and currently writes for

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Bobby Bradford

Dominican Alumnus and Instructor, Robert F. Bradford, has always been a writer – freelance journalism, video scripts and newsletters for non-profit organizations, songs for his bands – but his “creative writing” always seemed to him to be a bit superficial.

“I asked myself, ‘How does one add depth to one’s writing?’” he recalls. “Well, perhaps you study the Humanities, and get a handle on the great themes.”

With that in mind, he enrolled in Dominican University of California’s Humanities Major in the      Pathways Program for Working Adults at the age of 53, and immersed himself in philosophy, history, art and literature.  It was in Carlos Rodriguez’s Creative Writing class that he turned a corner.

“Carlos gave me a little formula, a recipe, that I had always known but never articulated,” says Bradford. “It was the Five C’s – character, conflict, complication, climax and change.  Every single piece I wrote in that class has since been published.”

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