President of Princeton Discusses Vibrancy and Relevance of the Humanities

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As part of a longer discussion about the advancement of science and its role in a prosperous nation, Shirley Tilghman, the first scientist to be appointed President of Princeton, had this to say about the vibrancy (and professional relevance) of the humanities:

“… I can tell you at Princeton, the humanities are alive and well and thriving, and most importantly, attracting wonderful students.  So this notion that students do not want to study moral philosophy or don't want to study Homer, it just is not the case.  We have some of our most extraordinary students attracted to that area, and they go off after their time at Princeton and become all kinds of different professions, as indeed they should, but I would argue that their experience at Princeton, spending four years thinking deeply about what it means to be human, which is what the humanities is all about, inform who they are when they are lawyers and doctors and, dare I say, bankers.” 

To see the video or read the full transcript of her interview with Charlie Rose, go to the following link: