Graduate Thesis 2010

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Congratulations to Our Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 Graduates!


Margaret DePond, Academic Scholar (2009 & 2010)
Women of the Golden Gate: Prostitution in San Francisco, 1848-1856

Leighann Hilton, Academic Scholar
Visions of Conflict: How Artists Portray War 

Scott Holdridge
John Jay: Invisible Federalist

Raymond Merz
Hitler's and Stalin's Preoccupation with the City of Stalingrad 

Mahala Ruddell, Academic Scholar
Wise Woman to Witch: The Role of the Midwife in the Witch Trials of Early Modern Scotland and Germany


Juliet Biton
American Society Reflected in the Music of the 1940’s and 60’s 

Christine Boyle
Cultivating Personal Efficacy Through Arts Based Service-Learning: An Internship with
California’s Oldest Community Art Center

Crystal Brodeur
Forty Guidance Cards and Booklet from the Coniferous Forest 

Lawrence Castillo
Spinning the Wheels Upside Down

Rosebelle Cardenas
Water Privatization 

Mali Colas
American Culture of Childbirth:
Social/Psychological Consequences of Technology & Institutional Power

Valeria da Silva-Sasser
The Lost Generation: Growing Up Brazilian Under a Dictatorship

Sinead Dinsmore
Societal Responsibility in Famine: Darfur and Ireland

Martin Dunn
Facebook and the College Experience: An Inquiry and Two Case Studies

Keiko Ehret
Perspectives on Choice

Dionne Estes
The Rights and Dignity of People Living With a Disability

Laura Fey
Project in Process

Lucy Fowler 
Visual Arts in the Classroom

William Henderson
Cocina de California: Defining a Lost Cuisine

J. Mark Hill
Weimar Republic and the Danger of Political Extremism

Emily Holguin
Trees, Mountains, and the Salty Ocean: Mystery, Meaning, and Divinity

Kenneth Hutchins
How Over-Diversification of Products and Services Can Lead to
Organizational Culture Change and Organizational Collapse

Kira Kimura
Celebrate Arts and Humanities Month

Angela Laurence
A rest stop for fear and other stories

Treva Nervis
Tithing With Conscious Purpose

Mary O'Leary
 The Heritage Project: Building Community by Preserving the Past 

Adelena Rodriguez
"F" is for Forte and Other Finger Snappin' Fun Music and
Movement Activities for Young Children

Maria-Patrisia Rodriguez
California's Economy and the Undocumented Worker

Maureen Rodriguez
A Sobering, Yet Wonderful Experience: A year of Service with Phoenix Academy,
A Therapeutic School for Teens

Michael Rupers
The American POW Experience

Linda Simon
Preoperative Nursing: Reality versus Myth

Allegra Sposito
Project in Progress

Ida Times
A College Degree for Your Child: A Handbook to Prepare Your Child for College

Karen Ulshafer
The Influence of Sports in American Culture: The Positive and Negative Impact on Our Children

Lauro Vazquez, Academic Scholar
Dishboy and Other Poems 

Margaret Walker
In the Pink

Walker Witte
Environmental Sociology: Perceptions and Perspectives of Environmental Issues in the
Higher Education Community

Deborah Worra
Life and Times of Lake County, California: A Historical Photo Essay and Lesson Plan


Anne Ryan
Deeper into the Beyond: Apophatic Mystical Practice as a Transcendent Vehicle

Sustainable Communities

Kimiko Ages
Title Unknown

Cheryl D’Alessandro
Title Unknown

Rae Lynn
Title Unknown

Women and Gender Studies

Violet Lopez
Loss of Childhood: Exploiting Young Girls in Beauty Pageants