Evening Humanities Majors for Working Adults: Pathways Program

We offer two evening majors for working adults through the Pathways program: Humanities and Cultural Studies (Flex) and Applied Humanities (Fast). Please check the Pathways page for a description of the Flex and Fast programs. See below for course requirements for the two majors.


Applied Humanities Major
Pathways Fast Program

Choose this option if: 1) you have more than 50 units (the required minimum to enter the major); 2) you like the idea of shorter, more intensive classes -- most courses are only seven weeks long and are delivered in a blended face-to-face/online format; 3) you want to know exactly what you'll be taking when; 4) you have specific career goals in mind and want to develop professional contacts and a professional portfolio while in school; 5) you want a greater sense of educational community, achieved through the cohort model (the same group of students takes all classes in the same sequence together).

Program Desciption

The Applied Humanities degree creates practical scholars prepared to enhance their career or to transition into a variety of fields in the nonprofit, private, and government sectors. The program is founded on the recognition that social entrepreneurship -- social vision and creative solutions -- requires systems thinking and cultural analysis skills. Themes include: ethics; the intersection of race, gender, class, and ecology; sustainability; the role of imagination in social change; and humankind’s quest for meaning.

The program emphasizes humanities in action. Project-based learning and professional portfolio development prepare students to enter into new careers. In addition, professionals from relevant fields serve as career mentors.



45 units required in the major, as follows. All students follow this exact course sequence. There are no course substitutions. Click here for available course descriptions.

Term 1  – 9 units

  • Session A: Foundations, American Pluralism (General Education)
  • Session B: Ecological Design and Sustainable Communities
  • Session C: Critical Inquiry & Reflective Writing (General Education)

Term 2  – 6 units (or 9 units for those who need algebra pre-requisite) 

  • Session A: Art as expressive Communications and Societal Critique
  • Session B: Role Models and Change Agents Throughout History
  • Session C: If needed: Quantitative Analysis for Statistics (course is ONLY for students who have not completed Intermediate Algebra; fulfills General Education requirment)

Term 3  – 6 units (or 7 units if students need Portfolio Resubmission) 

  • Session A: The Impact of Literary Imagination on Society
  • Session B: The Anthropology of Environmental Change
  • Session C: If needed: Portfolio Redevelopment (taken as an elective)

Term 4  – 9 units

  • Session A: Applied Humanities Seminar I: Great Books and Humankind’s Quest for Meaning
  • Session B: Applied Humanities Seminar II: Great Books and Organizational Life
  • Session C: Writing for Professionals: Grants, Proposals and More

Term 5 – 9 units

  • Session A: Modern Identity and Meaning: Service-Learning I (satisfies GE Ethics and internship) 
  • Session B: The Ethics of Responsibility: Service-Learning II (satisfies GE Ethics and internship)
  • Session B:  Culminating Project and Workshop I (taken concurrently with above course)

Term 6 – 6 units

  • Session A:  Culminating Project and Workshop II
  • Session B:  Global Traditions & Emerging Spirituality in a Secular World (also satisfies General Education) 


Humanities and Cultural Studies Major
Pathways Flex Program

Choose this option if: 1) you have 0-70 units already completed; 2) you want to get your degree at your own pace, i.e. as fast or as slow as you want, with the option to take a leave of absence if needed; 3) you want some flexibilty in course options; 4) you think you might want to go on for postgraduate study in either a Master's or Ph.D. program; 5) you have specific career goals and want internship opportunities.

Program Description:

The Pathways Humanities and Cultural Studies major offers adult learners the opportunity to study the meaning of the human condition through interdisciplinary and multi-discipline course work. The course of study brings together such disciplines as art, art history, history, literature, music, philosophy, and religion to help the student examine the fundamental questions that have shaped the human community, such as: What are truth and beauty? What are the limits of science and technology? How do we live a responsible life? What makes us more fully human? Competence in critical analysis, written and spoken discourse, character formation and a love of learning are hallmarks of a student completing this major.

Foundational Requirements:

For complete course descriptions refer to each discipline and program explanation in the relevant sections of this Catalog. Where course options are available, these will be selected in consultation with advisor. Course substitutions are also possible for some required courses. These must be approved by the Department Chair.

ARTH 3000 or 3100 Art of the Western World or
Art of the Non-Western World
HIST 3000 or 3001 

History of the Western World or
History of the Non-Western World


Select one 3-unit course from the following:

PHIL 1105/3105 Ancient Greek Philosophy

PHIL 1107/3107 Logic

PHIL 3104 Philosophy of Human Nature

  PHIL 3170 Philosophy of Law
  POL 3200 Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Political Philosophy  
  POL 3201  Modern and Contemporary Political Philosophy   
Select one 3-unit Literature Course from the following: 3
  ENGL 3050  World Literature: Western Classics  
  ENGL 3051 World Literature: Latin American  
  ENGL 3052  World Literature: Asian  
  ENGL 3053 World Literature: Canadian  
  ENGL 3061 Ethnic Literature: Asian American  
  ENGL 3062  Ethnic Literature: African American  
  ENGL 3063  Ethnic Literature: Hispanic American  

Select at least 3-units from  the following courses:  3

See specific courses offered for Pathways students
  DRAM 3501-3506 See specific courses under Drama in catalog  

MUS 3301 History and Literature of Music from Antiquity to 1750

MUS 3302 History and Literature of Music from 1750 to Present
  MUS 3409 Opera/Musical Theater Workshop  


International Language (may be fulfilled by college level language course)

Total Foundational Requirements  



18-19 units

Concentration Requirements:

By the beginning of the Junior year, the student will begin to identify a minimum of 12 units selected from Upper (or no more than 6 approved Lower) Division courses in their chosen concentration. These courses will be chosen in consultation with their academic advisor from a list of approved courses updated each semester. Students are encouraged to expand their Concentration with additional units to complete a minor in fields offering a minor.

Concentration Options:

  1. Environment, Culture and Sustainability
  2. Film and Culture
  3. Latin American Studies
  4. Social and Cultural Studies
  5. Women and Gender Studies
  6. Art
  7. Art History
  8. English, Literature and Writing
  9. History
  10. Music
  11. Philosophy
  12. Religion and Spirituality
  13. Teacher Education Option
    Students interested in moving toward a teacher credential will work with their academic advisor to identify which courses will be most valuable for their particular credential interest. All students interested in this option will have to pass the appropriate state exam before applying to the Teaching Credential Program.

Note: At least 6 of the Concentration units must be Dominican courses. (Experiential Learning Credits are considered Dominican courses).

Total Concentration Requirements

12 units

Remaining Requirements:

Select one course from the following: 1-3
  HUM 4996 Internship/Work-Related Project/Career Exploration (1–3 units)  
  HUM 3510/
PHIL 3520
Self, Community, and Service
or available courses with Service Learning
HUM 4930 Humanities Seminar 3
*HUM 4920/4921 Senior Project Workshop 1
*HUM 4910/4911 Senior Project 3-4
Total Remaining Requirements 8-11units
Total Humanities and Cultural Studies Major – Pathways 38-42 units

*Teacher Education students may substitute an appropriate Senior Project option.