Day Program Major & Minor

Humanities and Cultural Studies (Day) Major Requirements and Course Descriptions

Humanities and Cultural Studies Minor

Course Requirements

The major is comprised of three parts: foundational humanities courses, a concentration track, and capstone courses. See course descriptions.

Foundational Courses

All together, these courses provide breadth in the humanities. Students take one 3-unit course in each of  the following areas:

  • Art History (global or broad time period)
  • History (global and broad time period)
  • Philosophy (choose from five possible courses)
  • Literature (any upper division literary analysis course)
  • Language (any college level course, including American Sign Lang.)
  • Cultural Perspectives (there are a wide number to choose from)

Concentration Tracks

All students choose a 15-unit concentration in an area of interest, either thematic (interdisciplinary) or based on a single humanities discipline.

Thematic Concentrations

  • Business and Culture 
  • Environment, Culture and Sustainability 
  • Gender Studies 
  • Latin American and Indigenous Studies 
  • Social and Cultural Studies
  • Social Justice 

Discipline-based Concentrations

  • Art and Art History (15 units of ART and ARTH)
  • History (15 units of HIST)
  • Literature and Creative Writing (15 units of ENGL)
  • Music (15 units of MUS)
  • Philosophy (15 units of PHIL, POL and/or RLGN, as appropriate)
  • Religion and Spirituality (15 units of RLGN)

Capstone Courses

Students take the following courses in their junior or senior year.

  • Internship (arranged through Career and Internship Svcs for academic credit)
  • Humanities Seminar I (seminal texts of the Western world)
  • Humanities Seminar II (seminal texts of the non-Western world)
  • Senior Project and Workshop (a two-semester process)