Humanities and Cultural Studies

The Humanities and Cultural Studies major prepares students for graduate programs, including law and medicine, and prepared for jobs requiring cultural sensitivity, a global perspective, ethical awareness, and an understanding of the ideas that have shaped and continue to shape our shared world.

Sister Aaron HCS from Dominican University of CA on Vimeo.

Our goal is to prepare our students to succeed in whatever direction they choose and, even more important, to set the foundation for a deeply fulfilled life rich with intellectual wonder, compassion, and creativity

We endeavor to provide the impetus for learning and obtaining knowledge that leads to a well-lived and meaningful life in harmony with one another. We strive to sharpen your intellect and cultivate your heart.

Students hone the analysis, synthesis, creative thinking and communication skills highly prized by employers and graduate programs such as business, law and medical schools.

HCS students study the human condition and cultural diversity through art history, history, literature, art, music, philosophy and language and examine the fundamental questions of humankind that shape our local and global communities.

The ability to relate to multiple world views and diverse cultural experiences expands as students take service-learning courses and engage in internships. Study abroad is highly encouraged as are independent study projects. All students undertake a senior thesis or project with future goals in mind.