History Senior Theses

Recent Senior Theses Titles

  • "Visions of Conflict: How Artists Portray War"
  • "When Civil Liberties and National Security Collide: Freedom of Speech in Wartime during the Twentieth and Twentieth-First Centuries"
  • "The Effect of World War I on Carl Jung and Alfred Adler: Witnesses of War and Fathers of Psychology"
  • "Rosie the Riveter vs Donna Reed: World War II Acted as a Catalyst for Change in American Women's Lives"
  • "The Paradox of the Emancipation of Blacks in the Southern U.S."
  • "America's Secret Weapon on World War II: Navajo Code Talkers"
  • "Emmeline Pankhurst: The Making of a Militant"
  • "The Walt Disney Studio During World War II: How Donald Duck Fought for Democracy"
  • "Charles Hamilton Houston: Indispensable Architect and Legal Strategist in the NAACP's Battle for Civil Rights"
  • "A Study of the Inevitability of Japanese Internment Camps in the United States of America During World War II"
  • "Remember the Ladies:" How Abigail Adams and Edith Wilson Helped to Shape the Image of the American First Lady"
  • "Whaling from Europe to San Francisco Bay (1750 – 1972)"