Alumni Profiles

Our History graduates represent a wide range of interests and experiences. We are very proud of their accomplishments as undergraduates and we proudly recognize their achievements as alumni of our program

Lindsey Bright, BA '13
Lindsey Bright, Archives of American Art, Alumni, History, Alumni ProfileLindsey  graduated from Catholic University in 2015 with an Master of Science in Library Information Systems and is now working at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. After passing her Certified Archivists Exam and receiving preliminary certification, she was hired as a Library Technician at the Archives for American Art.Lindsey credits the history program and Sr. Patricia Dougherty's support and guidance throughout her undergraduate years for helping her get where she is today. Without exposure to Dominican's campus archives in her classes she wouldn't have known that this was a career possibility. We are thrilled that Lindsey has found a career doing what she loves---a path that began in a history class at Dominican! 

Garrett Perdigao, BA '13
garrett_perdigao_cropGarrett is the Parks and Recreation Coordinator for the City of Healdsburg. He is in charge of running all sports programs, and summer programs for the city, as well as working with all of the users for renting out our parks. Garrett was initially planning on attending Dominican right out of high school, but changed his mind at the last minute. He realized early on in his college career that it was a horrible mistake and transferred to Dominican as a junior in 2011. “I realized Dominican was and would be my home. I had come from a small high school and knew I would flourish with the small class sizes and the amazing relationships you can make with your classmates and professors.” Garrett credits the History program for getting him where he is today. The History program is designed to offer students both breadth and depth through a combination of classes, research projects, and internships and “I was able to get several internships at Museums, which led me to working with children, which is something I knew I always wanted to do. Those museum internships led me to Parks and Recreation as one of them had a partnership with the local Department. Safe to say all these bricks were laid with the help of the DU History Department.” The small class size, dedicated faculty, and exposure to a variety of new topics, issues, and experiences made Garrett’s time at Dominican more than simply a college education. Dominican became his home, the faculty became his mentors and later his friends, and has “a feeling of pride that will never go away each time I see my degree hanging on the wall.” 

Laura Brownfield,BA '13
Thinking about being a history major? Questioning what you might do with a History degree? laura brownfieldWondering if Dominican is the right place for you? One of our recent graduates, Laura Brownfield, was faced with the same questions. One thing that made the decision to attend Dominican a bit easier for Laura was that she knew she wanted to be in the Bay Area for college. Laura transferred to Dominican in 2011, graduated in 2013 with a degree in History, and is now the Deputy Clerk   of the Court for Napa Superior Court. She chose Dominican because of the small class size, beautiful campus, sense of community, and robust History program.
“One of the best things about DU is the opportunity to be an "equal" with your professors.  They are there to help with anything. Utilize this and you will do great! I promise no matter how hard a class might be or how tedious a paper or project may get, it is all worth it when you walk across the stage on Graduation Day!” Laura found her passion and interest in the Justice System during her time studying US History, the Founding period, and the development of the Constitution. Through her classes she learned about how the justice system evolved, advanced, and became what it is today. Her current position with the Napa Superior Court is a perfect complement to her studies and her interests.
When Laura thinks about her time at Dominican there are certain things that immediately come to mind. “All of the faculty, but especially Sr. Patricia listened to what we wanted to study and even offered classes in the schedule based on our interests. What other college literally caters classes to a student's interests? I always had help when I needed it and all of my professors knew me by name. I wasn't just another "number" in the history department.I fostered great relationships with my professors and classmates alike that eventually led to not only graduating, but also to landing an amazing job. I worked hard and am now extremely lucky to call myself a Dominican History Alumni.”
Laura’s experience is the quintessential Dominican Experience, one that allows our students to further their interests with support and mentoring from their faculty advisers. This sense of community stays with our alumni long after they graduate and is one of the things most expressed by our graduates. As Laura reflected on her time at Dominican she had this to say: “I would say that this is the perfect place to attend college! As a transfer student, I only wish I had transferred sooner. I cannot say enough great things about this very special place and will always love my time at Dominican. From my classmates, to the teachers, and even just being on campus enjoying "campus life," I was extremely lucky to attend school here.