Strategic and Corporate Communications

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The field of corporate communication is arguably the largest employment sector for communication professionals.
This broad area contains the subsectors of investor communications, marketing communications, public relations, and advertising, and overlaps government, news and nonprofit organizations as well. In each of these subsectors, the core skills of our graduates – their ability to listen, analyze, strategize, write, explain, convince, or sell – is a prized and valuable resource. Our graduates have found professional careers within each.

A course of concentrated study in Corporate Communication at Dominican builds on a solid liberal arts base that includes aesthetic appreciation and visual communication and design as well humanities classes that include history, philosophy and a multicultural and diversity component. Upper division coursework in key business and management classes provides deep grounding in the language and processes of business enterprises and organizations.

Selling a service or product, explaining value to shareholders, exciting or touching the heart strings of potential donors, reporting the latest economic news, explaining complicated technical or scientific processes for a business or lay audience, Strategic and Corporate Communication students learn through knowledge of theory and practical experience that the “right” verbal and visual expressions are mission critical and can make the difference between an enterprise’s success or failure.

Classroom experiences in this course of study are rich and diverse and include topics such as the art of the press release, writing across media, communicating to global markets, targeted marketing and branding, and how to conceive, produce and launch a multimedia campaign for publicity or advertising. Our faculty has strong academic credentials as well as professional experience in their fields and they are able to enrich the learning process with real-life stories and deep grounding in industry standard practices. Small class sizes and workgroups ensure proximity to faculty advisors and our students often benefit from their relationships with faculty when it comes time for them to seek employment or referrals.

All Comm Department majors are required to participate in an internship program as a requirement for graduation, and Corp Comm grads have found that these internships can serve as a springboard to continued employment, or that they provide valuable experience or exposure to a business sector.

Past Communication and Media Studies graduates have gone on to work for corporate giants like Pixar and NBC and local branding firms like Licenzing. They find employment in in-house marketing departments of corporations, advertising agencies, public relations firms, government, or nonprofit organizations.