Sandi Chin

She earned her B.A. in Bacteriology from UCLA and MA in Art History from University of California, Berkeley. She is an independent curator for Bay Area museum exhibitions and author of several exhibition catalogs. She also works as a film consultant.

Sandi Chin photo

Director of University Community Exhibitions
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Art History
50 Acacia Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: 415-482-2448
Email: [email protected]


Courses taught

Art History 3120 Museum Studies

Art History 1010 Ancient and Medieval civilizations

Art History 1011 Renaissance to Modern world

Art History 3133 Native American Images and Art

Art History 3135 Art of the American West

Art History 3177 Modern Art 19th Century

Art History 3178 Modern Art 20th Century

Art History 3180 Gender and Images

Art History 3183 Roots to present reality

Art History 3184 Feminine images and female artists : East and West

Art History 3186 Survey of non Western Art

Art History 3187 Asian Art: China

Art History 3188 Asian Art: Japan

Art History 3189 Asian Art : India