Visiting Artist

Overarching Goals of the Guest Artist Program

  • Increase our student’s exposure and interaction with professional artists who are active in their communities, which we hope will expand students professional network, and more importantly, further their knowledge of how artists work in the context of community and apply their creative capacity towards larger issues. 
  • Provide guest artist with an intellectually rich and culturally vibrant environment to explore new concepts in their work while engaging in interdisciplinary conversations, as well as experience in academic and professional mentoring for college students and emerging artists. 
  • Promote the campus as a valuable community cultural resource, while bringing attention to the cultural, progressive, and interdisciplinary programs in AHSS.


Liz Hickok, Spring 2012

Dominican University’s Department of Art, Art History and Design launched its first Guest Artist Fellowship Program. Funded by an internal strategic initiative grant, the program invited a professional artist to be a part of the department's creative community and collaborative learning environment at Dominican. During this three week period, the guest artist received a studio space at Artworks Downtown, and facilitated workshops and projects with students and faculty.  


This year, we were delighted to have San Francisco based artist Liz Hickok. Liz interacted with Junior/Senior Studio and Graphic Art Majors, leading critique sessions on their current and future thesis projects, as well as holding one on one sessions with students to help them envision their creative practice and community after graduation. During her final week, Liz gave a public presentation on her artwork-- including methods, overarching concepts, and research, while addressing the many aspects of being a creator in the 21st century.