Photography Emphasis

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An emphasis in photography within the Studio or Graphic Art degrees gives students the opportunity to explore multiple facets and acquire fundamental knowledge in analogue and digital photography. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged throughout courses involving studio/darkroom and digital processes. Visual literacy and conceptual thinking are equally emphasized to provide students with strong technical abilities as well as astute design and communication skills.

Through the required thesis exhibition and internship program, students develop refined virtual and print portfolios and gain professional experience that prepares them for the competitive fields of commercial and fine art photography.

Course Examples

ART 1501/1502  Introduction to Photography (3 units each semester)

Basic black and white photography techniques. Developing, printing, and the use of the photograph as a fine art expression. Includes a brief exposure to the history of fine art photography. Lecture and darkroom lab. 6 hours. Fall, Spring Semesters.

ART 2117  Beginning Digital Photography (3 units)

An introduction to  digital photography, from the basic operation of digital cameras to final refinements in digital printing. High resolution scanning of film photographs: use of digital original photographs. Editing and adjustment of images and recording them on CDs. We will investigate finished color printing, including wide format printing. Software used: Various scanning software, PhotoShop, RIP.  Offered regularly.

Student Work

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