Painting Emphasis

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With an emphasis in painting students acquire essential foundational skills and knowledge in painting and drawing.  Working with both faculty and individual studio projects, students develop original creative and expressive directions. An integration of art historical research and investigation of current issues and concepts enable students to form an intellectual premise and critical perspective of painting.


Through the required thesis exhibition, internship program, and interactions with the professional art community in the San Francisco Bay Area, students can prepare for graduate level education and careers as professional studio artists.


Course Examples


ART 1070  Beginning Oil Painting (3 units)

Introduction to the medium of oil painting: use and preparation of color, preparation of canvas and other supports. Development of painting concepts is emphasized. 6 hours. Fall, Spring Semesters.


ART 3071/3072  Advanced Oil Painting (3 units each semester)

Investigation of concepts of painting and the adaptation of painting materials and visual skills to express the student’s concepts. Emphasis on new ideas and new associations with painting materials. 6 hours. Fall, Spring Semesters.


ART 3170  Monotype (3 units)

This class is for the student who is interested in a medium that combines painting and printmaking skills and is suitable for students at the beginning or advanced level. Monotype is simply painting on a blank printing plate and using an etching press to obtain a print. It encourages spontaneity and is a way of exploring many ideas regarding color and composition in a creative, engaging manner. Offered regularly.


ART 1030  Beginning Watercolor (3 units)

Introduction to the concepts, techniques, and processes of painting and drawing with watercolor and water-based media. Fall, Spring Semesters.


ART 3031/3032  Advanced Watercolor (3 units each semester)

Exploration of advanced problems and techniques in the contemporary use of watercolor. 6 hours. Fall, Spring Semesters.