Multimedia Emphasis

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The Multimedia degree concentration within the Department of Art at Dominican University offers students the opertunity to develop skills in the areas of video, print, electronic publishing, and interactive media. In addition to the degree’s foundation courses in drawing, photography, three dimensional design and print design, students are able to explore new media and its relationship to culture in deep and meaningful ways.

Students engage in courses that refine their skills and concepts as they pursue their thesis and senior exibition and presentation, and develop a portfolio for professional consideration.


Course Examples

ART 2115  Beginning Web Site Design
Introduction to Web site design. Development of graphics by scanning, drawing. This course introduces students to design Web sites on the Internet. Students in 2-3 person teams use a proven 8-step process to create an actual, functioning Web site. Web site design elements addressed include site architecture, viewer interface, overall look and feel, flow and links. Other issues addressed will be logic and speed of movement between pages on the site, type and content of graphics, the speed of transmission of images and pages. ART 1081 and 1114, or ART 1083, are recommended prerequisites. Core course for Graphic Art major. Software used: PhotoShop, Painter, DreamWeaver, Flash, and Fireworks, and various Internet browsers. Fall, Spring Semesters.

Art 2088: Multimedia Animation
Exploration of the principles and concepts of animation as they pertain to commercial and creative fields. Students will develop projects that challenge  them to develop creative solutions to common design dilemmas. Students are required to work with sketches and storyboards that utilize traditional hand skills as well as computer applications that  allow them to develop skills commiserate with those used in commercial environments. Students are also asked to develop stories as well as an understanding of creating artwork and soundscapes that illustrate their narratives across a timeline.