Graphic Art and Design Emphasis

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 The Graphic Art and Design emphasis within the Graphic Art degree gives students the opportunity to explore multiple facets of graphic design and acquire fundamental knowledge of typography, page layout, digital photography, video and multimedia.  Courses in both studio art and digital technology encourage interdisciplinary thinking while building digital proficiency. Visual literacy and conceptual processes are equally emphasized to foster astute design and communication skills.

Through the required thesis exhibition and internship program, students develop refined virtual and print portfolios and gain professional experience that prepares them for the competitive field of graphic design.

Course Examples

ART 3140: Adv Page Layout/Design w/Mac
Advanced applications of the principles and techniques of two-dimensional design as they relate to printed publication. Assignments of more extensive projects in layout and product design will be given. 6 hours. Fall Semesters.

ART 1090: Beginning Typography
Introduces electronic page layout software with an emphasis on typographic layout and design.

ART 2117 Digital Photography
Provides a solid foundation of the basic tools needed to produce interesting and thoughtful images. Students experiment with scanning and printing digitally while fulfilling assignments that cover both technical and conceptual concerns.  Lectures, critiques, and class discussions, explore issues around digital image making, including some of the contemporary implications of photographing digitally.  In the lab, students get a hands-on understanding of all sides of the digital darkroom.

Student Work

Graphic Art and Design works
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