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The Drawing emphasis within the Studio Art degree builds on foundational drawing skills and further explores the language of drawing and its multiple forms and uses.  Through a series of drawing and design courses, students learn to invent strategies that connect thinking, experiencing, and communicating to visual imagery.

While developing a thesis exhibition and professional portfolio, students acquire a personal and knowledgeable approach to drawing and art making that can be transferred to all forms of visual communication.

Course Examples:

Art 1022: Intermediate Drawing
While honing technical and observational skills, Intermediate Drawing leads to deeper investigations and visual dialogue. Students increase their knowledge of drawing materials and design elements as they relate to personal expression and concepts, and develop an understanding of contemporary issues in fine art and design. 6 Hours, Fall, Spring Semesters

Art 3121: Life Drawing
This course provides a thorough investigation of the human form through seeing, drawing, and conceptualizing.  The primary tool for learning in this course is based on drawing from a live model. Reading, sketchbook assignments, field trips, lectures, and research are included to convey the diverse approaches to figurative art.  6 Hours, Fall Semesters

Art 1114 Beginning Digital Drawing
Students work with Adobe Photoshop, Painter, and Illustrator to create artwork which combines elements of the oldest artistic practice of drawing with the tools of the 21st century. Finished pieces range from inkjet prints to works on paper that incorporate digital, drawing, and printmaking media.

Student Work

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