Ceramics Emphasis

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An emphasis in Ceramics provides students with technical proficiency in traditional and contemporary approaches to clay built sculpture.  Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, students investigate ways three-dimensional form and content are effectively expressed utilizing a range of ceramic techniques. Diverse methods of fabrication and firing include: soft stoneware, primitive firing/Raku, and high fire reduction.

Through the required thesis exhibition, internship program, and interactions with the professional art community in the San Francisco Bay Area, students can prepare for graduate level education and careers as professional studio  and production artists.



Course Examples


ART 1041/1042  Ceramics (3 units each semester)

Thorough grounding in essentials of the ceramic process, including hand-building and exercise on the potter’s wheel, in a series of assignments of graduated difficulty; glazing, basic firing techniques, including Raku or primitive-style firing. Option: low-fire ceramics. 6 hours. Fall, Spring Semesters.


ART 1240  Ceramic Sculpture (3 units)

Introduction to the use of clay as a sculptural medium. Development of form and volume: forms found in nature, relationships of forms and environment, human forms from models. Several modeling and firing techniques will be used: stoneware, Raku, and salt glazing. 6 hours


ART 1290  Sculptural Design (3 units)

Basic principles of three-dimensional form in relation to materials and techniques, based on an analytical study of traditional and contemporary sculpture. 6 hours.