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Bibliography of Works by Richard Ronan

Flowers. Bill Rancitelli, illustrator. NY: Calamus Books, 1978. (DUC Library Collection)
Kindred. Bill Rancitelli, illustrator. Buffalo: Audit Press, 1978.
A Lamp of Small Sorrows: Four Fu Poems. Bill Rancitelli, illustrator. Laguna, NM: A Press, 1979.
Buddha’s Kisses.  Bill Rancitelli, illustrator. SF: Gay Sunshine Press, 1980. (DUC Library Collection)
Narratives from America. Port Townsend, WA: Dragon Gate Press, Inc, 1982. (DUC Library Collection)
A Radiance Like Wind and Water. Port Townsend, Washington: Dragon Gate Press, Inc., 1984. (DUC Library Collection)

Additional Work in the Dominican Collection

(available soon)
Plays, photocopies of haiku poems, and (coming soon), the Chapbook A Lamp of Small Sorrows
VanStavern, Jan. Richard Ronan, Boise, Boise State UP, 1996. (A poetic biography)

To Locate Books or Learn More

  • Click here to find Ronan books at the Dominican University Library (currently on display, available soon).
  • Contact Jan VanStavern to purchase limited copies of A Radiance Like Wind or Water or Narratives from America from Dragon Gate Press, Inc., or to find out more information about Ronan (all book sale proceeds benefit the Dominican University Library General Fund).
  • See or other online book sellers to find out about purchasing additional books by Ronan (where available).