Public Event Schedule

The low residency MFA in Creative Writing program invites you to attend selected afternoon talks and evening readings at our upcoming residency. During the residency, students engage with Dominican faculty and an illustrious lineup of guest speakers in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, narrative / poetic medicine, memoir, and publishing.

June 2019 MFA Public Event Schedule

All Public Events take place in the Garden Room of Edgehill Mansion at the Dominican campus.


Saturday June 8

7:00-8:00 Keynote - Forrest Gander

Sunday June 9

4:30-6:00  Panel: Writing & Community - Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, Rebecca Foust, Julia Flynn Siler
7:00-8:00  Reading: Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, Rebecca Foust, Julia Flynn Siler

Monday June 10

4:30-6:00  Panel: Subtext and Style - Molly Giles, Frances Hwang, Nina Schuyler
7:00-8:00  Reading: Molly Giles, Frances Hwang, Nina Schuyler

Tuesday June 11

2:30-4:00  Craft Talk: Writing for the Screen - Joan Baranow, William Harms, Norm Hunter, Rachel Noel
4:30-6:00  MFA Student Panel: Brennen Belogorsky, Bogie Bougas, Catharine Clark-Sayles, Kat Crawford
7:00-8:00  Reading: Brennen Belogorsky, Bogie Bougas, Catharine Clark-Sayles, Kat Crawford

Wednesday June 12

3:00-4:00  Presentation: Alicia Ostriker: A Tribute - Joan Baranow, Terry Lucas, Marianne Rogoff
4:30-6:00  Panel: Transforming "What Really Happened" Into Fiction - Tom Barbash, Jasmin Darznik, Marianne Rogoff
7:00-8:00  Reading: Tom Barbash, Jasmin Darznik, Terry Lucas, Marianne Rogoff

Thursday June 13

7:00-8:00  Play Production: Dancing with J.D. Salinger - Marianne Rogoff

Friday June 14

4:30-6:00  Panel: Writing for Your Life - Chris Brecheen, Joan Gelfand, Erin Rodoni
7:00-8:00  Reading: Chris Brecheen, Joan Gelfand, Terri Glass, Erin Rodoni

MFA Public Event Suggested donations

Dominican students, faculty, and staff:  Free attendance for all events

Members of the public:

Afternoon Sessions: $20/day
Keynote and Evening Readings at 7pm: free
Discounted Weeklong Pass for Panel Discussions: $80

All public MFA event donations are tax-deductible and can be made via cash/check at the door, or online directly to our MFA Scholarship Fund.  Registration in advance is not required.


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