Graduate Humanities Student Awards/Presentations/Publications


Michele Martin - June 2017 Western Tributaries pubilcation, "From Southern Belles to Hell on Wheels: Mothers and Daughters in Faulkner and O’Connor" 

Molly Gamble - 2016 Confluence journal Creative Writing Award for "Going Gray."

Claire Schwartz - 2016 Confluence journal Interdisciplinary Writing Award for “Saving a Bit of Beauty for the World: Retelling the Story of Rose Valland."

Conference Presentations

June 2017 MA Humanities Student Presentations at GLS Joint Symposium2017 GLS Brighid_Fitzgibbons

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762): Authentic, Alternative Voice; Robyn Dabora
Humanities, On Demand; Bridghid FitzGibbon
When Women Had Wings: Stewardesses, Sexism, and American SocietyMichele Martin
Positive Vision - Living Legacies at Work; Barbara McVeigh 
Creative, Ancient and Mythological Texts; Chris Peck
Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller, Social Justice and the American Frontier; David Seter (read by Joan Baranow)