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MA Humanities Alumni Laurie Lessen-Reiche and Michelle Sellers present at Stanford GLS Symposium

Congratulations to MA Humanities alumni Laurie Lessen-Reiche and Michelle Sellers who presented their work at this year's West Coast GLS Symposium, held at Stanford University over the weekend of 6/23-24. From the nearly 50 graduate presentations from across ten universities, Richie read her poetry while presenting on "The Concealed and the Revealed: Shedding a Light on the Art of Ekphrasis," and Sellers presented her paper "Deconstructing Duality in del Toro's Shape of the Water." It was a was truly a hot day on "the farm" for penguins … Go the Stanford GLS site for biographies, abstracts, and more.

MA Humanities Program Director Joan Baranow wins the 2017 Rochelle Ratner Award for her Baranow_Joan_Spring_2015_Squaremanuscript, "Cold Pastoral."

Congratulations to our Program Director Joan Baranow, whose poetry manuscript, “Cold Pastoral,” won the 2017 Rochelle Ratner Award from Marsh Hawk Press. Meena Alexander, an award winning author and scholar, selected "Cold Pastoral" as a finalist in the annual book contest. Many of the poems in Cold Pastoral were written in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, while Joan participated in a fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. A sabbatical from Dominican made her retreat possible. Read more about the inspirations that led to the award-winning manuscript in the 2015 Dominican Newsroom article here.

Michele Martin's scholarly work published in online journal "Western Tributaries."

Congratulations to Michele Martin, recent MA Humanities graduate, for having her essay selected for publication in the online journal Western Tributaries.  The piece is entitled From Southern Belles to Hell on Wheels: Mothers and Daughters in Faulkner and O’Connor.  Western Tributaries is an annual refereed journal intended to showcase graduate student research, writing, and creative work presented at the annual Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) Joint Symposium. Current Dominican graduate humanities publications also include student David Seter's work, "Brian Kent's Reflection in Eudora Welty's 'Moon Lake."  For more information about Western Tributaries, or participation in GLS Joint Symposium, visit our page here or contact MA Humanities Program Director Joan Baranow.

MA Humanities students and alumni present at the 2017 Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) Symposium.2017 GLS Brighid_Fitzgibbons

This year's Graduate Liberal Studies Symposium took place at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Six of our MA Humanities students participated in the conference, gaining professional development and presentation skills as well as networking opportunities with other humanities scholars. "I enjoyed getting to know fellow scholars, from all over, including Dominican. The quality and breadth of research impressed me, and I appreciated the opportunity to present to such a supportive and engaged audience." --Brighid FitzGibbons MA Humanities.  

To learn more about the GLS Symposium and other ways that our students are involved in academic development, conferences, and scholarly journals, visit our Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs page.

June 2017 MA Humanities Student Presentations at GLS Joint Symposium:

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762): Authentic, Alternative Voice; Robyn Dabora
Humanities, On Demand; Bridghid FitzGibbon
When Women Had Wings: Stewardesses, Sexism, and American SocietyMichele Martin
Positive Vision - Living Legacies at Work; Barbara McVeigh 
Creative, Ancient and Mythological Texts; Chris Peck
Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller, Social Justice and the American Frontier; David Seter (read by Joan Baranow)


Spring 2017 Master of Arts in Humanities Graduates Celebrated at Edgehill Mansion

May 2017 MAH Celebration Group Photo

On May 4, 2017 we celebrated our Spring 2017 Master of Arts in Humanities graduates at Edgehill Mansion. During the event, students
read excerpts from their Culminating Projects to an audience of friends, family, and faculty.  Each student received a book relevant to their area of focus in the humanities from Program Director Joan Baranow. Congrats Grads!  For a list of graduate student culminating project titles, visit our Graduate Humanities Culminating Projects page.



Fall 2016 Master of Arts in Humanities Graduates Celebrated at Edgehill Mansion

On December 7th 2016, the Department of Humanities celebrated the Fall 2016 Master of Arts in Humanities graduates. Students, faculty, friends and family were all in attendance in the Garden Room at Edgehill Mansion. Program Director Joan Baranow introduced each graduate as they shared their culminating project topics as well as reflections on their studies at Dominican.  Topics included a feminist study of Arthurian legends, reflections on racial bias, an exploration of media and queer identity, development of a sexual education workshop, art inspired essays, and a study in American political science.  Associate professor Heidi Chretien also gave a touching tribute to the late Erin Lynch, a student much beloved by the humanities community. We are pleased to announce our distinguished Master of Arts in Humanities graduating class of 2016!  Congratulations Jane Greene, Emilee Harrison, Stephenie Hendricks, Rachel Lambrecht-White, and Erin Lynch in memoriam.




Dominican Graduate Humanities Students Win Both 2016 Awards in Confluence Journal

Headshot - Molly GambleMolly Gamble won the 2016 Confluence journal Creative Writing Award with her piece titled "Going Gray.
Headshot - Claire SchwartzClaire Schwartz won the 2016 Confluence journal Interdisciplinary Writing Award with her piece titled “Saving a Bit of Beauty for the World: Retelling the Story of Rose Valland.

Congratulations to Dominican Graduate Humanities students Molly Gamble and Claire Schwartz for winning both of the 2016 annual Confluence journal awards. Confluence is a national, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal published by the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Program(AGLSP). Confluence reflects the best scholarly and creative work produced by faculty, students, and alumni of AGLSP member institutions. Its broad scope includes scholarly essays and creative work such as short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art.

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