Master of Arts in the Humanities

The Master of Arts in Humanities at Dominican provides you with a rigorous, dynamic, and intellectually nourishing liberal arts program that offers opportunities to research and engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue about the human condition.

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magnoliasm.jpg "I found the Master’s program in Dominican's Graduate Humanities Department to be stimulating, challenging, and exhilarating in ways I couldn't have imagined. Going back to graduate school after having had several careers opened up new worlds for me - and a new career! I wholeheartedly recommend the program to enhance any path at any stage of anyone's life."
-- Stephenie Hendricks, MAH 2016
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"The Graduate Humanities program at Dominican is a great investment in my career and it also gives me a chance to study the Classics and follow up on the education and ideas I've wanted to pursue my whole life."
 – Blake Ross

"The graduate program in Humanities at Dominican is fabulous! You can create your own curriculum to achieve your personal educational goals. Courses are taught with an interdisciplinary focus and allow for a new approach to learning."
– Susan Quaqlietti

Students gain a deeper, richer understanding of human thought, expression, and experience by immersing themselves in one or more liberal arts disciplines. In making connections among fields of study - for instance art history, gender studies, and political theory - students develop an appreciation for the scholarly pursuit of knowledge.

The Master of Arts in Humanities is designed for graduate students who wish to combine professional and academic lives and explore ample opportunities for personal advancement and fulfillment. Graduates of the program possess the requisite skills in research, critical thinking, and scholarly writing to pursue a Ph.D. and are qualified to teach at the community college level. 

Program Format

Graduate seminars meet one evening per week for two hours, allowing full or part-time flexibility for those with daytime responsibilities. Students who wish to pursue a track that culminates in the completion of a master's thesis follow a 30-unit track. Those who opt not to complete a project are on a 33-unit track. All Applied Music students are on a 34-unit track.

The Master of Arts in Humanities program takes an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, enabling students to concentrate in one or more of the following academic disciplines:

  • Art History
  • English
  • Gender Studies
  • History
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Political Theory
  • Religion
  • Emphasis in Creative Writing or Applied Music

Program Features

  • Evening seminars to accommodate students juggling professional, family and academic responsibilities.
  • An interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes the connections between and among scholarly fields of inquiry.
  • Individually tailored coursework that allows students to pursue particular academic passions and interests.
  • A collaborative academic environment that enhances a sense of collegiality, camaraderie and cooperation between students and faculty.
  • Close professional relationships with faculty members, who serve as advisors and mentors, as well as teachers.


MA Humanities Student Handbooks

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2019-2020 MAH Handbook

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