MA Humanities Culminating Projects

Graduate Humanities students can take courses in a diverse range of subjects, including but not limited to psychology, history, art history, music, literature, languages, creative writing, education, and political science. Below are the culminating projects of recent graduates from the Master of Arts in Humanities program.

All graduate theses are professionally bound, catalogued, and shelved in Dominican's Alemany Library.  Digital copies of graduate theses and faculty works can be found at Dominican Scholar.

Spring 2017 MA Humanities Culminating Projects

“The Beast of Kalimoore” - Christina Bougas

“Three Women, Two Spheres, and a Contract: A Comparative Study of Mary Astell and Mary Wollstonecraft Through the Lens of Carol Pateman’s The Sexual Contract" - Robyn Dabora

“Literacy Revolution: How the New Tools for Thinking Change the Stories We Tell” - Molly Gamble

“When Woman Had Wings” - Michele Martin

“Moments of Clarity: Personal Essays on Blurry Truths, Addiction and Recovery” - Claire Schwartz

December 2016 MA Humanities Culminating Projects

“Still Point: Personal Essays Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's Ephemeral Art” - Jane Greene

“Part of This World: A Personal Exploration of Media and Queer Identity” - Emilee Harrison

“Reflections from the White of My Eye: Awakening to What It Means to be White in a World of Color” - Stephenie Hendricks

“Bridging the Gap: A Workshop to Support Sexual Education Outside of School” - Rachel Lambrecht-White

“Of First Principles, Rights, & Protections” - Pietro Poggi 

“Alfred Lord Tennyson, Julia Margaret Cameron, and the Arthurian Legends: "Re-Writing and Re-Visioning Women’s Roles in the 19th Century” - Lisa Wagenhurst