Early Start of Master of Arts in Humanities Program (4+1)

Qualified Dominican University of California undergraduate students who intend to obtain a Master’s degree in Humanities at Dominican may take up to twelve units of graduate Humanities seminars while still undergraduates. These twelve units may satisfy requirements and/or electives for both the undergraduate degree and the graduate degree and may shorten the time to earn the Master’s degree.


Undergraduates have a unique opportunity to pursue the Master of Arts in Humanities at an accelerated pace. Participation in the Early Start program can save on graduate tuition and shorten the time needed to complete the Master of Arts in Humanities degree.

Eligibility Criteria

Junior class standing (at least 60 successfully completed semester units of undergraduate credit)

  • A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.5 in the major
  • Approval of the student’s undergraduate academic advisor 
  • Approval of the Director of the Graduate Humanities program

Interested students may inform their academic advisor and the Director earlier than their junior year of their intent to apply. This is advisable so that the student’s course schedules in Years 1 and 2 are planned with room for the graduate courses in Years 3 and 4.

The Application Process

  1. Student informs advisor of intent to apply for the Early Start of Master of Arts in Humanities program and completes the Application Form (PDF link).
  2. Upon advisor’s approval by signature, the student submits the application to the Director of Graduate Humanities
  3. Director reviews the application, meets with the student, and verifies eligibility by reviewing the student’s transcript (Self-Service). Director may ask for additional information as needed.
  4. Director determines what the first semester of participation will be and forwards the signed, approved application, including the first semester of participation, to the Registrar
  5. Registrar’s staff verifies class level and GPA, processes the application, and updates the student’s major code to a new 4+1 designation, which may also be used for tracking the 4+1 students
  6. From this point on, the student may enroll for graduate HUM seminars concurrently with their undergraduate courses, up to the stated limit of 12 graduate units, before the BA/BS/BFA is conferred. The Pro-Seminar is strongly suggested to be taken early within the twelve units
  7. When the student applies for graduation from the undergraduate degree program, a Progression form must also be filed with the Registrar so that the student’s application to the MA program can be appropriately tracked and processed by the Admissions Office
  8. Students who do not maintain the necessary grade point average (3.5 in the major) will be eligible for one semester of warning before losing the ability to participate in the 4+1 program.