MA Humanities Course Offerings

Fall 2017 MA Humanities Seminars and Workshops




HUM 5000 Pro Seminar Chase Clow (Tues 6-8, Angelico 210) 3 units 

What is the study of “humanities?”  This course examines key issues raised in contemporary culture about the humanities while also considering the historical dimensions of our multi-disciplinary scholarly field. Our readings investigate the influence of humanities on the sciences and science on humanity, particularly as related to ideas of progress and social good. With a grounding in hermeneutics and critical theory, we will consider the future direction of humanities scholarship and your own place within it. Throughout the course we will engage in graduate level research methods, including the use of library resources available for advanced study of the humanities.   

HUM 5520 Medievalism: Nostalgia, Politics, and Popular Culture Leslie Ross (Thurs 6-8, Guzman 112) 3 units   

Medievalism – nostalgia for the past, less complex eras in history – has been repeatedly expressed in areas such as architecture, literature, music, art, philosophy, and various forms of popular culture including film. This seminar investigates the enduring appeal of the “medieval period” as an inspiration for creative activity and as vehicle for various socio-political agendas from a global perspective. From knights in shining armor and damsels in distress, this seminar explores various forms of medievalism – from western European examples of Romanticism, the Gothic revival, the Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts movements – to modern Japanese manga and anime – and the continued popularity of contemporary medieval re-enactment movements.

HUM 5405 Composer, Singer & Poet Craig Singleton (Wed 6-8, Angelico 210) 3 units

Poetry and music have always been kissing cousins, dating back to our earliest utterances. It’s not surprising that in the formal world of music composition, composers often find inspiration for their compositions in poetry. This course examines the development and evolution of “art song” in English. How do particular instruments and melody play with the rhythms, text, and feeling of poetry?  The seminar will study this and more, culminating in a celebration of selected poetry and song.




HUM 5261-63 Creative Writing Workshop I-III  Joan Baranow (Mon, 6-8, Angelico 111) 3 units 

An advanced writing workshop that invites students to explore their own capacity to surprise, inform, entertain, and provoke readers in one or more genres of creative writing, such as poetry, prose, drama, or screen writing. Special emphasis on using themes and/or researched material to develop well-crafted work that is both artistic and authentic.  Through readings, exercises, peer workshops, and conferences with the instructor, students will develop a portfolio of revised pieces.

HUM 5002/5003 Culminating Project Workshop (Wed 8/31; 9/28; 10/26; 11/30, 4:30-5:45, Leslie Ross)

Part I of workshop sequence is to assist students in the preparation of a proposal for the culminating project, as well as assisting with research issues associated with the culminating project.  Part 2 of workshop sequence provides students the opportunity to discuss issues related to research and completion of their culminating projects. Also provides a supportive atmosphere in which students can assist each other in dealing with issues related to completion of the culminating project.