MA Humanities Course Offerings

Fall 2018 MA Humanities Seminars and Workshops


HUM 5000 Pro Seminar Chase Clow (Wed 6-8) 3 units 

What is the study of “humanities?” This course examines key issues raised in contemporary culture about the humanities while also considering the historical dimensions of our multi-disciplinary scholarly field. Our readings investigate the influence of humanities on the sciences and science on humanity, particularly as related to ideas of progress and social good. We will consider the future direction of humanities scholarship and your own place within it. Throughout the course we will engage in graduate level research methods.   

HUM 5608 Religion in Public Life Harlan Stelmach (Mon 6-8) 3 units   

The debate about religion as a public expression or the expression of religion in the public arena is common in the Western tradition and particularly in the United States. Other cultures have resolved this issue in different ways. In this seminar we will address the various ways this issue has been and is currently lived-out in several religious traditions and nations. We will examine the assumptions about American civil religion in relationship to “secular” France, Latin American Catholicism and various national manifestations of Islam and Hinduism.

HUM 5105 History of Gardens & Landscape Design Leslie Ross (Th 6-8) 3 units

A chronological and thematic survey of garden history and landscape design from the ancient/classical period to the present, including Western and non-Western examples. Literary, philosophical/aesthetic, political, scientific, social architectural, and artistic themes are address in this interdisciplinary seminar.


HUM 5261-63 Creative Writing Workshop I-III  Thomas Burke (Tu, 6-8) 3 units 

An advanced writing workshop that invites students to explore their own capacity to surprise, inform, entertain, and provoke readers in one or more genres of creative writing, such as poetry, prose, drama, or screen writing. Special emphasis on using themes and/or researched material to develop well-crafted work that is both artistic and authentic. Through readings, exercises, peer workshops, and conferences with the instructor, a portfolio of revised pieces will be developed.

HUM 5002/5003 Culminating Project Workshop (Wed 8/29; 9/26; 10/24; 11/28, 4:30-5:45, Leslie Ross)

Part I of workshop sequence is to assist students in the preparation of a proposal for the culminating project, as well as assisting with research issues associated with the culminating project. Part 2 of workshop sequence provides students the opportunity to discuss issues related to research and completion of their culminating projects. Also provides a supportive atmosphere in which students can assist each other in dealing with issues related to completion of the culminating project.

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