Graduate Programs

The School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences offers two graduate degree programs: the Master of Arts in Humanities and the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Whether your interests are scholarly or creative, both programs promise a rich and rewarding course of study.

Master of Arts in Humanities

MA in HumanitiesGraduate Humanities

I completed my Masters in Humanities at Dominican for personal satisfaction and was not disappointed. I felt intellectually challenged and my writing skills improved, which frankly has helped me in my professional career. Thank you Dominican!
-- Mike Rupers, MAH 2015

Ready to explore the Bay Area music scene? The history of art theft? Eastern religions? Postmodern literature? Gender Studies? The Master of Arts in Humanities offers a rigorous and dynamic program where you and your fellow students are invited to explore diverse fields of inquiry. Some recent courses include 19th Century Paris, Art Crime, Decadence to Revolution, and Social Justice, Privilege & Oppression—just to name a few.

We encourage you to dive into areas of study that you’ve always wanted to know more about. Our seminar courses are capped at 15 students in order to foster interdisciplinary dialogue that informs, uplifts, and inspires.



Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts

in Creative Writing

Low Residency MFAJoan Baranow with Students

The act of writing itself can effect powerful change in perception and feeling—our low-residency MFA is geared towards this change.
-- Joan Baranow, Program Director
  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Optional Narrative/Poetic Medicine track

Whether you are a poet scribbling in between the daily responsibilities of life, an aspiring novelist seeking structure to finally get that book written, or a memoirist with a great story to tell, our low-residency MFA program will help you achieve your particular writing goals. We offer a flexible and supportive program tailored to each student’s creative aspirations.

Students with an interest in Health Humanities may choose to follow an optional Narrative/ Poetic Medicine track. We welcome writers from all sides of the illness experience—from patients to practitioners to health advocates—who are called to bear witness through the written word. Our degree program can complement a career in health care, deepen your self-awareness, and foster a community of
like-minded poets and writers for whom literature is the best medicine.


Master of Science in Education

and Teacher Preparation Programs

MS in Education

Faculty Placeholder Image

The Department of Education at Dominican has a strong tradition of preparing knowledgeable, passionate and innovative teachers. Faculty, staff, teacher candidates and alumni all strive to raise every student to their highest potential, and to play an active role in systems of education locally, statewide, nationally and across the globe.
-- Elizabeth Truesdell, Ph.D., Chair
Department of Education

Dominican offers teachers a rich graduate program to build on their learnings from the bachelor’s programs. These programs are designed for educators and other professionals who are interested in advancing their teaching skills, including a focus on the impact of educational practices with attention to equity, social justice, and quality of outcomes for diverse students. It’s also an opportunity to prepare for leadership roles and responsibilities. MS degrees can be earned in combination with a preliminary credential or as an independent program of study.