Global Engagement

Fostering an appreciation of cultural diversity and global interdependence is a fundamental part of a Dominican student’s education. Your globally engaged faculty in the School of Liberal Arts and Education support cultural awareness, global social responsibility, and global inter-connectivity through study abroad courses in partnership with Dominican’s Global Education Office.

Upcoming LAE Study Abroad Courses  

Spain: Creative Arts at The Finca

Thailand: Explorations in Educational Equity
June 24 to July 12, Education professor Rosemarie Michaels will lead students on a trip to explore Thailand through the lens of culture and tradition as they examine their own beliefs, biases, and expectations about equity, diversity, and multiculturalism.

Global Engagement - Spain 2016

Paris: City as Text
March 1 to 10, History professor Patricia Dougherty and Psychology professor LeeAnn Bartolini will once again lead students to Paris to learn about the city's history, culture, people and place. Students will also visit historical sites such as the the Louvre and Notre Dame.

Tibetan Bönpo Monastery, India

Portugal: Hero's Journey; Creative Arts and Expressions
June 1-10, Literature and Languages professor Marianne Rogoff invites students to stimulate their sense of self in the world in the context of the mythic Hero's Journey, through studying connections between individual and collective experiences, and responding to independent and guided travels through Portugal.

Check out Dominican's Global Education Office for more information on upcoming trips.

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Past LAE Study Abroad Courses

Global Engagement - Literature, Culture and Language of Spain 2016

Spain: Literature, Culture and Language
In June 2017, Spanish professor Radica Ostojic-Portello and Literature professor Carlos Rodriguez led students to the University de San Antonio in Murcia Spain to learn about the language and culture of the area and study literary topics in the Spanish language literary imagination. 

Fanjeaux and Paris, France

Bali: Equity and Diversity in Education
In summer 2017, teacher preparation students explored Bali through the lens of culture and tradition with the goal of developing comfort with difference through heightened self-awareness. Students examined equity and diversity in schools and other institutional settings, and participated in community engagement projects.

Global Engagement - London 2016

India: Tibetan Bönpo Monastery
Tibetan Bönpo Monastery, India
In summer 2016, Religion professor Emily Wu led students to Dolanji, Himachal Pradesh Province, India. Students learned about Tibetan Bönpo culture and religion through service learning and immersion.