Jennifer Lucko

Dr. Lucko is an Assistant Professor of the Multiple Subject program

Associate Professor of Education
Masters Degree Program Director
Bertrand Hall Room 23-A
[email protected]

Educational Background

  • PhD in Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
  • MA in Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
  • MA in Education, San Francisco State University
  • BEd, University of Toledo, Ohio

Courses in 2014-2015

  • EDUC 4025/5025 Teaching English Learners
  • EDUC 5932 Research or Social Justice
  • FYE 1001 Big History
  • CLQ 3290 The "Other": shaping the Future in the Midst of Difference

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

  • English Language Development
  • Citizenship Education
  • Discourse and Subjectivity
  • Transnational Identities
  • Participatory Action Research

Teaching Credentials

  • Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
  • BCLAD Spanish Language Certificate (Bilingual, Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development)
  • CLAD Certificate (Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development)
  • Professional Clear Specialist Instruction Credential in Special Education