Special Education

The Master of Science in Special Education is a 32-unit program. This degree requires 32 units of coursework in addition to demonstration of directed research and field experiences.

Outdoor with Student 

Program Features

  • Innovative and highly regarded curriculum
  • Small class size, personal attention and a supportive learning community
  • Outstanding mentoring from faculty and site supervisors who are experienced classroom teachers, and who know the unique county and district cultures
  • Prepares teachers for new roles and responsibilities in education and professional careers
  • Master's 16-unit core classes in a hybrid online and face to face format

Career Possibilities

  • Teach at the community college level
  • Write for professional publications
  • Preparation for doctoral programs

Course Sequence (32 total units)

Special Education Elective Courses - select 16 elective units

Elective Courses - Graduate Level 16

Current Trend Courses - select one from the following


EDU 5930 Policy & Change 4
EDU 5931 Child & Adolescent Development 4
EDU 5932 Research for Social Justice 4
EDU 5933 Special Education 4
Additional elective options applicable to Special Education and Interdisciplinary Studies Programs  
EDU 5934 Data Analysis 4
Additional elective options applicable to Education Specialist: Mild/Moderate Teacher Preparation Programs  
EDU 5390 Characteristics of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers with Special Needs 4
EDU 5391 Assessment and Instruction in Early Childhood Special Education 4
Total: 4

Required Courses

Course(s) Units
EDU 5905 Approaches to Educational Research (Fall Only) 4
EDU 5915 Applied Educational Research (Spring Only) 4
EDU 5925 Leadership in Education 4
Total: 12