Single Subject Credential

The Preliminary Single Subject Credential authorizes you to teach single subject courses (within an approved field) required of the public school curriculum. This 48-unit program is primarily designed for individuals interested in teaching a single subject at the middle school/junior high and high school levels. This teacher preparation program culminates in a MS in Education degree.

 Liberal Studies Teacher

"I have really enjoyed my time as a Penguin and have learned a great deal about the field of education. The teaching program is fantastic due in large part to the amazing staff members/ teachers. The teachers in the program do a great job of explaining what is expected of you and what to be mindful of.-Alex Chapman

The Preliminary Single-Subject Credential authorizes you to seek initial employment as a single-subject (secondary) teacher.

After you earn your preliminary credential, you will need to complete professional preparation within five years of the date of issuance of your preliminary credential in order to continue ongoing teaching service as an educator.

To complete the Professional (Clear) Credential, you will be required to enroll in a commission-approved SB 2042 Professional Teacher Induction Program.

Program Details

  • Small class sizes guarantee personal attention from experienced faculty and site supervisors.
  • Classes are generally held in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Observations and field work experiences take place during the regular school day.
  • Student teaching option, though an intern option is also available.

(32 units + 16 master's core units, 48 total units)

Core Courses

Course(s) Units
EDU 5010 Teaching for Equity 4
EDU 5020 Differentiating Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms 4
EDU 5051 Using Technology in the Classrooms 2
EDU 5052 Applied Instruction Technology 2
Total: 12

Pedagogy and Reflective Practice

Course(s) Units
EDU 5245 Pedagogical Preparation I 4
EDU 5255 Pedagogical Preparation II 4
EDU 5265 Literacy Across the Curriculum 4
Optional Addition:  
EDU 5275 Pedagogical Preparation III 4
Total: 12

Supervised Fieldwork

Course(s) Units
EDU 5280 Secondary Preparation for Supervised Teaching 4
EDU 5001 Observation 0
EDU 5285 Secondary Supervised Teaching Seminar
EDU 5002 Student Teaching 0
Total: 8

Master of Science in Education Core Courses

Course(s) Units
EDU 5905 Approaches to Educational Research 4
EDU 5915 Applied Educational Research 4
EDU 5925 Leadership in Education 4
EDU 593X Graduate Electives: Current Trends 4
Total: 16