Dual Credential

Dual Credential candidates earn both an Education Specialist: Preliminary Mild/Moderate and a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential concurrently. This is a 64-unit program authorizes you to teach students with learning disabilities, mental retardation, other health impairments, autism, and emotional disturbances, as well as the general education population. This teacher preparation program culminates in a MS in Education degree.

Guzman Hall

"Dominican has been a wonderful place for me to realize my life-long dream to become a teacher. I am especially grateful to the faculty of the Special Ed and Multiple Subjects Credential program as they are patient, supportive, master teachers for always being there to go the extra mile.-Terry Hove

In accordance with California state regulations, the Preliminary Credential authorizes you to seek initial employment as a special education teacher, but does not authorize ongoing teaching service. You will need to complete the Professional (Clear) credential in both special education and multiple subject or single subject, within five years of the date of issuance of you Preliminary Credentials in order to continue ongoing teaching service as an educator.

To complete the Professional (Clear) Credential, you will be required to enroll in a commission-approved SB 2042 Professional Teacher Induction Program.

Program Details

  • Education Specialist programs follow a four semester course sequence format.
  • Classes are generally held in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Fieldwork in the schools takes place during the regular school day.
  • Student teaching option, though an intern option may also available.

(48 units + 16 master's core units, 64 total units)

Core Courses

Course(s) Units
EDU 5010 Teaching for Equity 4
EDU 5020 Differentiating Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms 4
EDU 5051 Using Technology in the Classrooms 2
EDU 5052 Applied Instruction Technology 2
Total:  12

Pedagogy and Reflective Practice

Course(s) Units
EDU 5145 OR 5245 Teaching Math in Elementary Schools OR Pedagogical Preparation I 4
EDU 5135 OR 5255 Classroom Climate & Curriculum OR Pedagogical Preparation II 4
EDU 5265 Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools 4
EDU 5302 Program Design & Curriculum 4
EDU 5304 Information & Formal Assessment 4
EDU 5306 Behavior Intervention and Support 4
EDU 5309 Advanced Curriculum 4
Total: 28

Supervised Fieldwork

Course(s) Units
EDU 5180 OR 5280 Elementary OR Secondary Preparation for Supervised Teaching 4
EDU 5001 Observation 0
EDU 5385 Supervised Teaching Seminar
EDU 5003 Student Teaching 0
Total:  8

Master of Science in Education Core Courses

Course(s) Units
EDU 5905 Approaches to Educational Research 4
EDU 5915 Applied Educational Research 4
EDU 5925 Leadership in Education 4
EDU 593X Graduate Electives: Current Trends 4
Total: 16