Credential Holders

The Preliminary in Education Specialist for Credential Holders is designed for individuals who hold a Multiple or Single Subject Credential and are interested in adding the Education Specialist Credential. This program is 24-25 units of credential coursework plus 16 units of master’s core coursework for a total of 40-41 units.

 Student Teacher

(24-25 units + 16 master's core units, 40-41 total units)

Core Courses

Course(s) Units
EDU 5020 Differentiating Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms 4

Pedagogy and Reflective Practice

Course(s) Units
EDU 5302 Program Design (IEP) 4
EDU 5304 Formal & Informal Assessment 4
EDU 5306 Behavior Intervention 4
EDU 5309 Advanced Curriculum 4

Supervised Fieldwork

Course(s) Units
EDU 5385 Supervised Teaching Seminar
EDU 5350 SPED: Supervised Teaching 0-1

Master of Science in Education Core Courses

Course(s) Units
EDU 5905 Approaches to Educational Research 4
EDU 5915 Applied Educational Research 4
EDU 5925 Leadership in Education 4
EDU 593X Graduate Electives: Current Trends 4