BA in Liberal Studies/Teacher Preparation

If you already know that you want to be an elementary school teacher, or if you’re looking for a rigorous, interdisciplinary academic major, the blended Liberal Studies/Teacher Preparation program is right for you.

In just four years, this major leads to both a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential. So, soon after graduation, you’ll be ready to step into the classroom and start teaching.

If you are not sure that you want to be a teacher, you can plan your Liberal Studies major with a different career in mind and continue taking classes connected with education, but concentrate on a field of your choice. You can pursue one of seven concentrations: history, psychology, science, music, art, English and math.

As a degree-only student, you can tailor your Liberal Studies major to your interests and career goals. You can take classes in art, music, psychology, math, English, history, drama, health and wellness, physical education and science, depending on your chosen focus.

Why Dominican?

Our Liberal Studies/Teacher Preparation program is a leading-edge academic program that has been recognized as exemplary by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. It is the only private-university, 4-year degree/teacher preparation program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most local California State universities have either eliminated or severely limited enrollment in their programs.

Our classes have been specially designed with the K-12 California content standards in mind. They are rigorous and challenging, but also engaging and inspiring. To make learning active and interesting, you'll be learning both through traditional lectures as well as through active collaboration with partners and in small groups, on-line, in the field, and as part of service learning. 

Degree/Teacher Preparation program

The Degree/Teacher Preparation Program is a four-year rigorous course of study leading to both a B.A. and a Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

Curriculum and Course Sequence

Liberal Studies/Teacher Education Preliminary Credential Program Course Sequence

Degree-only program

If you are earning a Liberal Studies degree, you will be prepared for many professions as well as graduate studies. Because you will be getting a multi-disciplinary education, you will graduate with a broad range of knowledge and skills that can be successfully translated to many occupations. You will develop valuable critical-thinking, problem-solving and communication skills that are an asset in any workplace. You'll learn to be a team player and a leader. In particular, you will be prepared to work alongside education professionals in the field.