Heidi Chretien, MA


Heidi Chretien

Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Art History, History/Women and Gender Studies and Graduate Humanities

  • B.A. State University College, Buffalo
  • M.A., Ph.D. State University of New York, Buffalo

 Email: [email protected]


Academic Interest

 After living and teaching in Florence for many years, I am interested in directing and leading academic study trips abroad.  I led groups to Florence in 2005, 2007 and 2008. I taught in the Fanjeaux program in 2006.  I am also very active in the Osher Life Long Living Program and usually teach a course every year.


Courses and Areas of Interest

Art History                              

  • Art and Society (FYF)              
  • Classical Art                             
  • Italian Renaissance Art             
  • Northern Renaissance Art         
  • Baroque  Art                              
  • Art in Focus: A Stitch  in Time  
  • Art in Focus: Prints&Drawing   
  • Art in Focus: Color                    
  • Art in Focus: Framing the Image 
  • Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern

History/Women and Gender Studies:

  • Women in the Ancient World
  • Women in Early Modern Europe
  • Western Civilization
  • Human Cultures (FYF)
  • History as Biography: Elizabeth I
  • History as Biography: Cleopatra
  • History as Biography: Marie Antoinette
  • History as Biography: Empress Theodora
  • History as Biography: Warrior Women


  • Magic of the Renaissance: Leonardo and His World
  • Maidens, Matrons and Muses: Imaging Women in Antiquity
  • Women/Narrative of the Other: History and Personal Narrative
  • The Gendered Body: Imaging the Gendered Body
  • The World Of Islam: Contemporary Islamic Art


Graduate Humanities:

  • Florence: City as Text                      
  • Venice: City as Text                         
  • Civic Imagery in Western Art


I also direct Independent Study Projects and act as Reader on both Senior and Masters theses.