Arthur Kane Scott

Arthur Scott

Assistant Professor, History/Social Cultural Studies

50 Acacia Avenue
San Rafael, Ca 94901
Email: [email protected]

Teacher of the Year: 2002

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  • BA., LaSalle University, Phila., Pa., focusing on Liberal Arts
  • MA., Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisc., focusing on Russia/Europe
  • ABD., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C., Russia/East Asia


    Arthur Kane Scott received his B.A. in Liberal Arts at LaSalle University, Philadelphia, Pa., M. A. in Russian/European History from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisc, and his ABD from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, focusing on Russian /East Asia Studies. Historically Arthur has mixed teaching with social action working in the Poverty Program in Appalachia as a trainer of Community Action Agencies for Temple University, later he was instrumental in desegregating the 14 Pennsylvania State Colleges, as well as assisting in writing the legislation and managing the Pennsylvania Higher Education Equal Opportunity Act. Prior to coming to California he was Director of Educational Opportunity Program at Penn State University. Returning to higher education in California Arthur became a free wheel flyer teaching from Sacramento to the Bay at all segments of higher education: community, state, and private. During this period he developed an expertise in world history with particular emphasis on Islam, Native American and East/South Asia.

    Arthur came to Dominican University in winter of 1993 as an Adjunct Professor in Cultural Studies. In 2002 he was the first adjunct to be awarded Teacher of the Year. In the following year he was promoted full time. He now is Program Lead of Social/Cultural Studies and also Coordinates Expressions which is  a humanities program that bring unique speakers, activists to campus as lecturers. He has over the years served on many Community Boards: Marin Interfaith, Marin Museum of the American Indian, International Association of Sufism, Latino Film Festival and Afghan Summit.

    Arthur is married to Jennifer, paralegal. They have three grown children, Kimberley, Chris, and Jennifer, and 5 grandchildren. Spring 2010 they expect their first great grandchild. Arthur loves to travel and has been to Russia, India, China, Italy, Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, México, as well as traveling extensively in Arizona/New Mexico where he hopes to retire.  This past summer he along with other Dominican faculty and students went to Ecuador providing medical supplies for indigenous peoples and learning about their culture. His other interests include meditating, being outdoors, organic gardening and raising flower, especially roses.



    Learning is a journey of self discovery by which man becomes more compassionate and human toward self and others. Arthur’s favorite quote is: Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure. It’s our Light. Not our darkness that frightens us.”


    Research Interests

    • Cochise, Chiricahua Chief
    • Bison Renewal
    • Sufism Spirituality
    • Native Ecological Wisdom
    • Social Justice
    • Alternative Healing



    • Modernity and Dark Side
    • Vision Quest
    • First Year Foundations
    • Principles of Archeology
    • Introduction to Sociology
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • Women in Film
    • Film & Mythology
    • Native American Healing
    • Cochise/Crazy Horse
    • Pontiac/Tecumseh
    • World History
    • History of Middle East
    • Russian History
    • India/Southeast Asia
    • China/Japan



    • On-line courses, UC Berkeley Extension, “History of Islam”( 2002), “ Development of World History, Neolithic to Renaissance”( 1993), “Development of World History , 1500 to Present”(1994), “The American Nation: Pre-Columbian to Close of the West”(1996), “Twentieth Century America; The Age of Revolutionary Change”(1996);
    • “State Colleges Initiate Racial Change”, 1971, Desegregation Progress Noted at State institutions, 1972, Pennsylvania Education;
    • “The Secret of a Successful Job Search” Series of 6 articles, California Job Journal, 1986;
    • “Modernization of China and Japan: A Cultural Comparison; “Thought, Metaphor and Archetype in History” International Journal of Philosophy Psychology and Spirituality, 1993;
    • “Prophet Muhammed: A Spiritual Archetype,”; “Hallaj’s Truth”, Sufism: An Inquiry 1996 &, 2000; Journal of includes different reflections by me on Middle East/US such as” Military – Industrial Complex: Nature /Implications”, April-July 2009, “Middle East Mosaic: A Geopolitical Analysis,” April-July 2008


    Research Projects

    • “Bison: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” a pending article
    • “Cochise: Time, People and Culture”, a pending biography



    • “Four keys to a Healthier Self-Image,” National Speaker Association, Sacramento, CA; Foothill College, Moffet Field, CA
    • “Discovering Your Life Purpose,” Society of Professional Accountants, Sacramento, CA
    • “Art of Personal Transformation,” Pre-Release Program, Vacaville Medical Correctional Facility, Vacaville, CA, California Association of Educational Office Professionals, Sacramento, CA
    • “World Mythology and Perennial Philosophy,” Conference on Teaching a Global Perspective; the Curriculum of the Future, American River College, International Studies Program, Sacramento, CA
    • “The Beauty of Gnosis,” Third Annual Sufism Symposium, San Francisco, CA
    • “Practicing Harmony,” Ninth Annual Sufism Symposium, Bellevue, WA
    • “Bosnian Crisis and Collapse of Yugoslavia,” Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Menlo Park, CA
    • “Sunni/Shiia Divide”, OSHER; Emeritus, Diablo Valley College
    • “Pakistani/Afghanistan Update”, Emeritus, Diablo Valley College