William Phillips, PhD

Dr. Phillips started teaching at Dominican University of California in 2001. He teaches courses in Cognition, Learning, Comparative Psychology, Statistics, Research Methods, Sensation & Perception, Introductory Psychology, and Directed Research. His current research interests include factors affecting students in the classroom, and how culture affects our perception.

Bill phillips

Professor, Psychology
[email protected]
Office: Bertrand Hall, Room 27c
Phone: 415.482.3596

Academic Area

Cognitive Psychology/Perception

Educational Background

  • BS, MA, PhD, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Courses Regularly Taught

Cognition, Sensation & Perception, Statistics, Research Methods, Introductory Psychology, Comparative Psychology, Learning, Directed Research I & II, Advanced Experimental Design, Foundations in Critical Thinking, Special Topics in Perception, Special Topics in Animal Behavior

Research Interests

I am currently investigating different aspects of the college classroom environment that affect students’ learning and performance. Other research projects include the use of a simulation laboratory training to aid learning among nursing students, and how exercise can improve cognitive functioning in the elderly. I am also interested in how the processes of perception (taste, vision, touch, etc.) differ across cultures.