Mairi Pileggi, PhD

Mairi Pileggi, Gender Studies, Communication and Media Studies, Dominican Beat, Multi-Media Journalism

Mairi Pileggi, Ph.D.
222 Angelico Hall
[email protected]

Ph.D. Temple University, 1998


My research focuses on how we communicate about the environment, especially how power relations play out in our practices. My feminist praxis informs my research and my teaching. Social justice and civic engagement are at the heart of my work.


Communication & Media Studies
Research Methods in Communication
Communication Theory
Digital Storytelling
Gender & Communication
News Writing & Reporting

Environmental Communication
Environmental Communication
Environmental Advocacy
Sense of Place
Toxic Bodies

Gender Studies
Feminism & Ecology
Gender & Narrative: Feminist Oral History
Principles of Gender Studies
Development of Gender Concepts & Needs
The Gendered Body

Graduate Courses:
Humanities Pro-seminar
Gender & Media
Research Methods


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