Jordan Lieser, PhD

Jordan Lieser is a scholar and educator with research interest and teaching experience in the fields of Modern Latin America history, U.S.-Latin American Relations and Interventions, Chicano Studies, Mexican-American Immigration, World History, Public History and Central Californian History. Teaching experience additionally in American history, East Asian history, Sports history, and Western Civilization.

Jordan Lieser

Jordan Lieser, PhD
Assistant Professor, History
[email protected]
Location: Angelico 321


Visiting Research Scholar, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 2012-2013
Visiting Scholar at the Bill Lane Center for the Study of the Hemispherical West. Mentored by Dr. David Kennedy
Ph.D., History, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, 2008-2014
Primary research and secondary source reading in 5 historical fields: U.S. Foreign Policy, Latin America, 20th Century U.S., World History and East Asia.
Dissertation: Ethnic Diplomacy: The United States, Mexico, and Racial Prejudice, 1938-1946
Visiting Researcher, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, Summer 2011
Visiting Researcher at the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection.
Non-Degree Certificate, Intecultura Language and Cultural School, Summer 2009
Immersion in San José and Samará, Costa Rica
M.A., History with Honors, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, 2005-2008
Thesis Title: Modern America’s Greatest Memory: The World War II Renaissance and the Construction of the Greatest Generation Collective Memory
B.A., History, Cum Laude, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, 2001-2005
Minor in International Relations
Senior Project Title: The Good, The Bad, The Mouse: A Look at How Disney Manufactured Success

Professional Experience
Assistant Professor, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA, 2015-present
Online Instructor, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, 2012-2013
Graduate Instructor, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, 2008-2012
Part-Time Faculty, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA, 2012-2015
Part-Time Faculty, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 2014-2015
Part-Time Faculty, William Jessup University, Rocklin, CA, 2014-2015
Part-Time Faculty, Waynesburg University, Waynesburg, PA, 2011
Graduate Assistant, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, 2007-2008
Faculty Adjunct, Cuesta Community College, San Luis Obispo, CA, 2006

Courses Taught

Latin America:
Women in Latin America
Central America and the Caribbean
Latin America: Past and Present
Latin American History Survey
Mexico: Aztecs to the Present
Modern Latin America
Drugs and Drug Wars
Southwest Borderlands

Transnational (Transregional) Courses:
Cold War in the Developing World
Empires and Colonization
History of U.S. Immigration
20th Century Sports as Political and Social Discourse
Women in the World

Public History
Recent America: U.S. Since 1918
World in Focus
Contemporary World History (20th Century World History)

Survey Courses:
Growth of the American Nation (U.S. History Survey Part I)
Making of Modern America (U.S. History Survey Part II)
The History of the United States (Taught as an Ethnic History Survey of the United States, was a product of AHA’s Tuning Initiative to “tune” the U.S. Survey toward a diverse, California audience)
World History through 1500 (World History Survey Part I)
Modern World History (World History Survey Part II)
Western Civilization up through 1600
Western Civilization 1600-Present
East Asian Civilizations, 1600-Present
China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam

Additional Courses Currently Prepared to Teach
Argentina, Brazil, and Chile
Latin American Revolutions: From Haiti to the Present Day
Survey of Latino/a Studies
Survey of Indigenous Studies
Central American Migrations
Colonial Latin America
A Brief History of Latin American Government
Modern Mexico
United States-Mexican Relations
United States- Latin America Relations
Big History
Big History through the Lens of Historical Gamification
Central Californian History

Publications and Conference Panel Presentations

(Forthcoming, presently under peer review) “Ethnic Diplomacy: United States, Mexico, and Race Relations during World War II”
(Forthcoming, presently under peer review) “Ronald Reagan’s University? Cal Poly and Conservatism in an Era of Campus Unrest.”
Book Review, Radical L.A.: Coxey’s Army to the Watt’s Riots, 1894-1965, H-Net California History.
Book Review, Dry Manhattan: Prohibition in New York City, Pennsylvania History.
Book Review, Digital Culture, Play, and Identity, Resource Center of Cyberculture Studies.
Multiple Entries for Beisner Guide to American Foreign Relations, 1600-present. 2011
Multiple Entries on Modern Latin America and U.S. Interventionism (including translations) for Zeiler, Thomas American Foreign Relations Since 1600: A Guide to the Literature. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2007.

Selected Conference Presentations:
“Incorporating Latin American History into Public History,” International Public History Conference. Annual Conference, Bogotá, Colombia. June, 2016.
“Ethnic Diplomacy: The United States, Mexico, and Race Relations, 1940-1942.” Ohio Academy of History, Annual Conference. 8-9 April 2011, Denison University.
“Ronald Reagan’s University: Cal Poly and Conservatism in the Age of Campus Unrest.” 2nd Annual Boston University Political History Conference. 16-18 April 2010, Boston University
Panel Member. Phi Alpha Theta Conference. 28 March 2009, West Virginia University

Awards and Distinctions

Robert and Wynona Wilkins Scholarship Award, 2015
Dr. Wesley M. Bagby III Scholarship, West Virginia University , 2011
Two-time Chitwood Graduate Fellowship Winner, West Virginia University, 2008-09, 2010-11
Golden Key International Honor Society Member, West Virginia University Chapter
Two-time Employee of the Year, San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation Department, 2005, 2007
National Dean’s List, 2007

Language Training
Spanish, fluent
Portuguese, beginner

Professional Memberships

American Historical Association
Latin American Studies Association
Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
Lifetime Phi Alpha Theta Member

Volunteer Work
Leader on multiple long-term humanitarian projects to Mexicali, Mexico and San Felipe, Mexico
Supporter and annual volunteer for Special Olympics
5-year pin holder for American Red Cross
Community Theatre participant and supporter