Undergraduate Programs

As an undergraduate student in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, you will have a unique opportunity to engage in an academically rigorous curriculum while gaining research skills and laboratory experiences usually reserved for graduate students.

Students may choose among four curricular emphases in the Biological Sciences: Integrative Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Molecular Cell Biology, and Organismal Biology, leading to either a BA or BS.  Students may also choose to major in Chemistry leading to either a BA or BS or can select a curricular emphasis in Environmental Chemistry or Biochemistry leading to a BS.  Four minors are also offered by the department include Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, and Mathematics. The program also offers courses designed to fulfill General Education requirements and prerequisites for majors and minors in other programs.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in active research projects, thereby gaining valuable hands on experience in research methodology, problem solving, and intellectual discovery. The department provides internships in career related areas to further engage students in the active learning process.

McKenna Coletti"My research at Dominican has served as an invaluable building block as I continue to pursue research in other fields. It was also a major talking point in my medical school interviews. Dr. Green was the perfect mentor - knowledgeable and patient, as she made the world of scientific research accessible to me."

-McKenna Coletti, Class of 2015

Offered Majors

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Biological Sciences (BA/BS)
General Biology Major
Integrative Biology Emphasis
Ecology and Environmental Sciences Emphasis
Molecular Cell Biology Emphasis
Organismal Biology Emphasis

Chemistry and Biochemistry (BA/BS) 
Chemistry Major (BA/BS)
Chemistry Major with Biochemistry Emphasis (BS)
Chemistry Major with Environmental Chemistry Emphasis (BS)

Offered Minors

Biological Sciences
Ecology and Environmental Sciences