Partnerships and Initiatives

The Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is proud of its cutting-edge and renowned community partnership initiatives:

Pre-med mentor program

In 2009, Dominican University of California in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente-Northern California created the Pre-Med Mentor Program for undergraduate students to experience firsthand—a day in the life of a doctor.  The program provides students in-depth exposure to the medical field early on in their education, helping them make a more informed choice when choosing a career in medicine. 

Each student is matched with a Mentor, a Marin County Kaiser Permanente Physician, who they meet with regularly throughout the year.  The program is especially committed to providing general medicine and general surgery mentors to showcase the rewards of being a primary care physician.  In addition, students explore various specialties through rotations, exposing them to areas of medicine they may have not considered.  This program affords students an amazing opportunity to observe the medical field outside of a text book—by shadowing doctors, interacting with patients, and witnessing surgical procedures. 


DO-STEM - The Dominican Outreach - Science, Technology, English, and Math program promotes math and science education for educationally disadvantaged middle and high school students, through tutoring and mentoring by Dominican undergraduate science majors, so that they can excel academically and become competitively eligible for colleges and universities. DO-STEM is generously supported through a grant from the Marin Community Foundation.

DO-IGC - The Intergenerational Conversation program fosters communication and understanding between generations by connecting Dominican science majors and older adults in Marin County. The program will expand the social network of support for elders and students, utilize the leadership skills and life experience of older adults, develop the leadership skills of students, promote the wellness and quality of life of older adults, and address the shortage of professionals in geriatric care.  DO-IGC is generously supported through a grant from the Marin County Division of Aging and Adult Services.


The National Ornamental Research Site at Dominican University of California (NORS-DUC) is the first research site in the United States dedicated to the study of pests and diseases affecting the health of ornamental plants.

The facility is funded by a grant from the 2008 Farm Bill, administered through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Center for Plant Health Science and Technology (CPHST).

NORS-DUC is a secure site modeled to reflect a nursery for the purpose of performing studies on nursery stock in a “real world” environment while ensuring high level safeguards to prevent the escape of pests that affect plant health.

Scientists from the national and international research community will initially conduct studies focused on understanding and controlling the long-range spread of Phytophthora ramorum through infested nursery stock shipments. Learn more.