Alexandra Fuentes, BS

Alex joined the department in 2017 after graduating from Dominican University of California in the Spring semester. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with an Environmental Chemistry emphasis. During her time as a student at Dominican she worked hand in hand with other students, faculty, and staff not only in the classroom but also for research and more. While studying at Dominican she spent four years as a Work Study in the Edgehill Mansion Student Life offices working with Lauren Castro and the team, and three years working as a Work Study in the Stockroom with Christopher Endicott; now her job takes on more of the serious day to day lab responsibilities. Currently Alex carries out the daily preparations for a range of chemistry and physics laboratory courses offered at Dominican, and also provides research support wherever needed. When not at work she enjoys spending time going on adventures with her partner Matteo, and taking time to brush up on the latest nature documentaries.



Office: Science Center #208
[email protected]