Sara Shain, PhD

Adjunct Professor                   


Sara Shain

Phone: 415-482-1973 ext. 7

Academic Area


Educational Background

1982   San Francisco State University, BA Mathematics

1984   University of California, Los Angeles, MA Biostatistics

1994   University of California, Los Angeles, Dr.P.H. Biostatistics

Teaching and Research Interests

My current research interests are promoting oral public health and research in dental and oral public health by identifying factors responsible for oral health disparities.

My teaching interests are currently Epidemiology, Statistics, and Biostatistics.

Professional Organizations

  • Mathematical Association of American

  • American Statistical Association

Selected Publications

  • McDaniel KD, Cummings JL, Shain S.  The 'Yips': A Focal Dystonia Of Golfers; Neurology 39:192-5, 1989.
  • Elashoff, JD, Cantor, RM, Shain, S.  Power and validity of methods to identify variability genes. Genetic Epidemiology, 8(6) 861-8, 1991.
  • Elashoff JD, Jacknow AD, Shain SG, Braunstein GD.  Effects of anabolic-androgenic steroids on muscular strength.  Annals of Internal Medicine 115: 387-393, 1991
  • Gansky SA, Weintraub JA, Shain S.  Multi-Pied Investigators: Parental periodontal predictors of oral health in adult children of a community cohort; Journal of Dental Research 77(Spec Iss B):707, 1998
  • Nathan SD, Ross DJ, Belman MJ, Shain S.   Elashoff JD, Kass RM, Koerner SK Bronchiolitis obliterans in single-lung transplant recipients. Chest 107:967-972, 1995.
  • W. Stephan Eakle, John D. B. Featherstone, Jane A. Weintraub, Sara G. Shain, Stuart A. Gansky.  Salivary fluoride levels following application of fluoride varnish or fluoride rinse;  Community Dentistry And Oral Epidemiology32(6), 462 - December 2004
  • DJ Rowe, JA Weintraub, S Shain, J Yamamoto, MM Walsh.  Outcomes assessment related to professional growth and achievements of baccalaureate dental hygiene graduates; Journal of  Dental  Education  68(1): 35-43 2004
  • J.A. Weintraub, F. Ramos-Gomez, B. Jue, S. Shain, C.I. Hoover, J.D.B. Featherstone, S.A. Gansky.   Fluoride Varnish Efficacy in Preventing Early Childhood Caries; Journal of Dental Research 85(2);172-176, 2006
  • Chung LH, Shain, SG, Stephen,SM; Weintraub JA.  Oral Health Status of San Francisco Public School Kindergarteners 2000-2005, J. Pub. Health Dent.  66(4):  235-241, 2006

Awards and Honors

  • 1984-1989                DHHS National Research Service Award in Epidemiology
  • 2006                           PTA Volunteer Recognition Award, SFUSD

Other Interests

2 kids, Cooking, Archery, and anything Tolkien or Star Trek.