Lindsay Sullivan, PhD

Adjunct Professor


Academic Area


Educational Background

  • Ph.D, University of Rhode Island

Teaching and Research Interests

I completed my doctorate at the University of Rhode Island where I examined the diets of larval jellyfish.   Although originally considered strict carnivores, my dissertation research demonstrates that jellyfish are omnivores (consume both animals and plants).  I recently relocated to California, where I am not studying the diets of larval fish at the Romberg Tiburon Center, a research and teaching lab of San Francisco State University.

My primary research interests are the ecology and physiology of marine zooplankton with emphasis on feeding, growth, and reproduction.  Zooplankton are abundant and ubiquitous members of aquatic environments and are an important component in both freshwater and marine food webs.  Investigating the ecology of zooplankton contributes to our understanding of how marine food webs function and how environmental change may impact marine ecosystems.