Randall Hall Group Page

The group webpage for Randall Hall, Lillian L. Y. Wang Yin Ph.D., Endowed Professor of Chemistry.

We use computational methods to study systems in materials science and biology.  Interested undergraduates are invited to contact Dr. Hall about research experiences in the group.

Lillian L.Y. Wang Yin, PhD Endowed Lecture Series

Dr. Joseph Francisco from Purdue University"From Earth's Atmosphere to Planetary Engineering of Mars: An Adventure in Chemistry"February 7, 2013

Dr. Joseph Francisco and the Yin Scholars
Dr. Joseph Francisco, Dr. Randall Hall, and some of the Lillian L.Y. Wang Yin, PhD Endowed Scholars

Dr. Francisco visiting with Dominican Chemistry Majors
Dr. Francisco visits with some of the Dominican chemistry majors

Dr. Francisco visits with Dominican Chemistry majors
Dr. Francisco visits with some of the Dominican chemistry majors

Current Projects

LittleFe Computer

  We have built a "LittleFe Computer", a small parallel computer designed to demonstrate the features and abilities of parallel computing.  Interested in seeing this up close at your school or by visiting Dominican?  Contact Dr. Hall.


Ready to start.  Blue boxes are the
motherboards, the frame came from littlefe.net.

A side panel with the LittleFe logo.

Power supply is attached.

Ethernet switch is attached.

The head node motherboard plate with
the power switch, the power  led, and the
disk activity led attached.

Chris Endicott helps by enlarging some holes
in the brackets.

Matt Hayes, Dominican undergraduate,
helps build the motherboard plates.

All six motherboard plates are ready to go!

Cables are hooked up to the power supply, thanks to Matt.

End and middle plates are attached and the ethernet cables in place.

A view showing the ethernet cables and the power cables for the motherboards.

The wireless/Bluetooth card and its antenna.

A motherboard ready to install.

Coleman Reif from Dominicans' IT Department, helps assemble the head node.

Coleman and Gary Tourville (also from Dominican's IT Department) powering up the head node.

Head node ready to go (disk drive mounted on bottom of head node).

Another view of the head node.

And another.

The other motherboard plates lined up and ready to go.

The head node and one of the worker nodes ready to go.

A close-up of a worker node.

All nodes are built.

Another view of the nodes.

And yet another :)

Screw placement prevents installation of one node.

From the front with the node still missing.

Velcro to the rescue and all six nodes installed.

From the back.

Sans head node.

Close up of the worker nodes.

Hooked up.

Downloading the image for the bootable USB drive.

The bootable USB drive with the operating system….with a shout out to my previous institution.

Head node booted!!!!!

Close-up of the operating system install on the head node. The green light on the right shows the head node is up and running.

The install command about to be executed by Matt.

Matt Hayes installing the operating system!

Compiling LAMMPS on LittleFe.

Close-up showing the compiling of LAMMPS on LittleFe.

Head node during the LAMMPS compile.