Kenneth Frost, PhD

Kenneth Frost obtained his BA in chemistry in 1966 from Indiana University and his PhD in Chemistry in 1971 from the University of California, Davis. For 34 years, he held a variety of technical and management positions at Chevron. In 2005, Dr. Frost returned to teaching at Dominican, where he currently teaches organic chemistry lab and quantitative analysis. His research interests include fuel and lubricant impact on vehicle performance and emissions.

Ken Frost



Office:  Science Center # 228

Phone:  (415) 482-1896

Academic Area


Educational Background

Teaching and Research Interests

My career began at Chevron Research Company in 1971 as a research chemist and I retired from Chevron at the end of 2004.  At Chevron, I worked on aspects of air pollution photochemistry and followed that assignment with a series of research and research management jobs which included technical responsibility for almost all the fuel and lubricant products and additives for them that Chevron and its additive company sells.  My group had direct responsibility for the development of Techron, one of the few additive products most people have heard of.
Shortly after retiring, I began teaching Organic Chemistry Laboratory at Dominican.  Teaching at Dominican gives me the opportunity to stay involved in science while providing a whole new set of challenges.  Simply put, I am really enjoying myself.  In some small way I hope to give my students an appreciation for the thrill of scientific discovery.

I am also lucky enough to have worked with Sr. Eugenia Lucas on her honors research project, making soap from materials readily available to self-sustaining rural populations.

Other Interests

I ski and particularly enjoy skiing with my sons, but can't keep up with either of them.  I am very active in Masters Swimming and have been lucky enough to set a few records along the way.

Family is very important to me.  I am very proud of my two grown sons.  One of them is an attorney; the other works for a web-enabled real-estate services company.  My wife is a tournament duplicate bridge player.  I play an occasional social game, but I cannot keep up with her at the bridge tables.

We also sail.  I have been sailing on San Francisco Bay since the early 1950's.  I am the historian for the San Francisco Yacht Club and lead a committee charged with preserving the club's records and artifacts.