Kenneth Frost, PhD

Dr. Frost began teaching at Dominican In 2005 where he currently teaches organic chemistry laboratory classes, environmental chemistry, and quantitative chemical analysis.

Kenneth Frost

Administrative Manager

Office: Science Center #225
[email protected]

About Kenneth Frost

Kenneth Frost obtained his BA in chemistry in 1966 from Indiana University and his PhD in Chemistry in 1971 from the University of California, Davis. For nearly 34 years, he held a variety of technical and management positions at Chevron. His research interests include environmental chemistry, biofuels and energy, and global warming and climate change.

Academic Area


Educational Background

  • B.A. Chemistry, 1966, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  • Ph.D. Chemistry, 1971, University of California, Davis, CA

Teaching and Research

Dr. Frost began at Chevron Research Company in 1971 as a research chemist and retired at the end of 2004 Site Manager, Chevron Oronite Technology, Richmond. During that career, he worked on air pollution photochemistry, fuel science, and lubricant science and testing. He managed small teams and large groups developing additive systems to improve gasoline and lubricant performance. This has led him to a broad interest in energy topics including conventional fuels, alternate fuels, and alternate energy topics. He also has a broad interest in air pollution.

At Dominican, Dr. Frost has taught organic chemistry laboratory, environmental chemistry, and quantitative chemical analysis. His broad background has given him the opportunity to provide students with the opportunity to work on many aspects of biofuels research from excess biomass production, methods of biodiesel fuel process improvements, and aspects of gas to liquids technology. His students have worked closely with the Marin Carbon Project on aspects of soil science and soil carbon sequestration.

Honors and Awards

  • Dominican University of California Adjunct Teacher of the Year, 2013

Recent Publications

  • “Determination of Carbon Dioxide Concentration in Our Atmosphere”; NCUR Spring 2016; Sierra Carlson, Alexandra Fuentes, and Kenneth Frost. 
  • “Fuel Synthesis Using Pine Needles as Biomass”; NCUR Spring 2016; Alexandra Fuentes, Sierra Carlson, and Kenneth Frost.
  • “Animal Fat Waste: A New Source for Biodiesel”; NCUR Spring 2014; Mai Do and Kenneth Frost.
  • “Fire Safety, Defensible Space, and Biomass”; NCUR Spring 2014; Kelsey Lardner and Kenneth Frost.
  • “Algae: An Important Part of Our Energy Future”; NCURSpring2014; Maria Oseguera, Pooja Prassad, Ashton Mikell and Kenneth Frost.
  • “The Carbon Cycle and Energy, a Concept that Seasonal Excess Agricultural Production Could Be Used to Supplement Fuel Supplies”; NCUR Spring 2011; Amanda Anderson and Kenneth Frost.
  • “Biomass Pyrolysis as a Source of Gaseous and Liquid Fuel Products”; NCUR Spring 2011; Kristyn A .Perry and Kenneth Frost.
  • “Potential Role of Micro-Algae on Global Energy Supply”; NCUR Spring 2009; Sage Callaway-Keeley, Stephanie Huynh, Kenneth Frost.
  • “ Biofuels: A hands-on Approach, Learning the Potential of Utilizing Non-food Sources”; NCUR Spring 2009; Alexandra Hom, Gabrielle Pecora, Hoaithuong Bui, Timothy Camarella, Victor Pham, Marc Ting, Kenneth Frost 
  • “Use of Kitchen Wastes to Make Soap in a Rural Settings,” NCUR Spring 2006; Sr. Eugenia Bagaile, Thomas Caggiano, Kenneth Frost.  
  • “Growing Capabilities at Small Universities: Developing Partnerships as a Practical Approach to Undergraduate Research,” NCUR Spring 2007, Sibdas Ghosh, Kenneth Frost, Diara Spain, Mietek Kolipinski.