Amy Young

Professor Young has been teaching Physical Science at Dominican since 2007, at both the San Rafael Campus, and more recently, at the Make School Campus in San Francisco. Her educational interests include inquiry based education, teaching scientific literacy, reflective practice, and curriculum development. She has taught Physical Geology, Earth Science, Bay Area Rocks: the Geology of Northern California, Introductory Chemistry, Chemistry for Health Science, and Physics.

Amy Young

Assistant Professor

Office: Anne Hathaway Annex
[email protected]

About Professor Young

Professor Young holds a Bachelor’s degree in geology from Middlebury College in Vermont and an MA degree in geology/geochemistry from the University of California Los Angeles, and an Educational Leadership post-graduate study at Mills College in Oakland, California. She has worked in international Hazard Mitigation with a Bay Area Non-governmental Organization as well as teaching on both the high school and middle school level. She has worked with the Marin County Office of Education to support the professional development of over 200 elementary, middle and high school teachers as they implement the Next Generation Science Standards. Her background has allowed her to pursue both interests in science and education. Her scientific research interests include geochemistry of the earth's interior, using long lived isotopes as markers for magmatic processes, geochronology, and processes affecting the evolution of magmas in the crust.

Academic Area

Physical Science

Educational Background

  • MS Geology/Geochemistry, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Educational Leadership Program, Mills College, Oakland, California
  • BS Geology, Middlebury College, Middlebury Vermont

Recent Publications

  • M. Behmand, A. Young, and K. Frost, Creating Better Science General Education Courses through a Comprehensive Curricular Redesign, New Perspectives in Science Education-Conference Proceedings 2019, Filodiritto Editore, 2019.
  • L. Dwelley-Samant, A. Young et al., Global Earthquake Safety Initiative: Pilot Project. GeoHazards International and UN Centre for Regional Development, Kobe, Japan, 2001.
  • A. Young, L. Dwelley-Samant, B. Tucker, et al., An Application of the GHI Earthquake Safety Initiative: the January 13, 2001 San Salvador Earthquake. Seismological Society of America, April 17-20, 2001.
  • A. Young, C. Ventura, Y. Yamazaki, S. Sawada, and H. Katsuma, Earthquake Damage Caused by the El Salvador Earthquake of January 13, 2001. International Workshop on Earthquake Safer World in the 21st Century, January 22-24, 2001.

Recent Presentations

  • Gokcek, G. and A. Young, November 2017 “Honors Immersion in Sustainable Living: Equity, Access, and Co-Curricular Learning.” National Collegiate Honors Council Conference, Atlanta, GA (Panel)
  • Behmand, M., Gokcek, G., Massoud, J., Michaels, R. and A. Young. October 2016. “Life in Honors After an External Program Review.” National Collegiate Honors Council Conference, Seattle, WA (Roundtable)
  • Tucker, B., and A. Young. December 2001, “GESI: Global Earthquake Safety Initiative” American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, CA (Presentation): 2001
  • Tucker, B., Dwelley-Samant, L., Ventura, C., and A. Young, “Global Earthquake Safety Initiative (GESI) workshops” Quito, Ecuador and Kobe, Japan, Januart and Februaury 2001 (Workshops)
  • Hassenzadhi, J., Davidson, J., and A. Young, June 1998 “Initial Implications of the Tectonic Geochemical Signature of Damavand Volcano, Iran.” International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI), Capetown, South Africa (Presentation)