Prospective Students

The Occupational Therapy Department believes that occupational therapy is a great career for you. Health care is in a period of rapid change, and health care professionals are in great demand. Undergraduate students wishing to enter the five year, BS/MSOT program may be admitted to the university as Health Science/Pre-OT majors. They are then tracked for eligibility to enter the clinical portion of the program based on completion of eight prerequisite courses, and GPA in these prerequisites.

 OT Hand Splinting Class
Students display splints made in Dominican’s Introduction to Hand Therapy class

A secondary admission process takes place in the spring semester of the sophomore year. Students applying for the junior year of the program must complete and submit a Petition to Progress form to the Occupational Therapy Department, with all required documentation, by March 15th. Failure to submit the completed form by the deadline will disqualify students from progressing into the major.

In the event that more eligible students apply for admission to the junior year of the occupational therapy program than space permits, admission will be determined on the basis of prerequisite grade point average (50%) and an in-class scored writing sample, collected in the OT 1004 class (50%).

Minimum Entrance Requirements

In order to be accepted into the Occupational Therapy program, students must pass (or have in progress) all eight prerequisite classes with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (a 'C-' grade is not considered passing). Students who fail two or more required prerequisite classes are not eligible to enter the junior year of the occupational therapy BS/MS program, and will be advised on other available majors at Dominican, including the BS in health science major.

Admission Process for Transfer Students

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Office of Admissions 415.485.3204


Transferable Courses From Other Colleges and Universities

We have general education articulation agreements with many Bay Area community colleges.   


Cost of Attendance

In addition to tuition, books, instructional materials, and room and board costs, students in the occupational therapy program at Dominican will incur expenses in the following areas, and should therefore plan accordingly. Costs may vary, and there may be additional costs.

1.    Transportation to/from fieldwork site: varies
2.    Certified background check/health clearance for fieldwork: $35.00 plus cost of healthcare and   immunizations
3.    Annual student membership in AOTA: $75.00
4.    Annual student membership in OTAC: $50.00
5.    Student attendance annual OTAC Conference: $45.00 (one day)
6.    Capstone and other curricular projects: Approximately $25.00 per student per class