Community Practice Labs

The Occupational Therapy Program has a Community Practice Lab (CPL) for the following two courses: Occupations of Adults and Seniors (OAS) and Occupations of Children and Adolescents (OCA).

Occupations of Adults and Seniors Community Practice Lab:

The Healthy Seniors Community Practice Lab (CPL) provides opportunities for occupational therapy students to work one-on-one with community-dwelling older adults for eight weeks each semester. Through this experiential learning experience, OT students develop skills to select and conduct meaningful assessments, develop individualized intervention plans and provide occupation-based home and community programs to older adults.

Occupations of Children and Adolescents Community Practice Lab: 

Th Child and Adolescent Community Practice Lab (CPL) experience is completed in cooperation with community partners. Community sites provide opportunities to observe and work with typically developing children and adolescents or children and adolescents who have special needs in either special day programs or in community programs. Students are supervised by Dominican University OT faculty or clinical instructors. Students develop and implement two treatment plans and write a case-study with children at the CPL site.