Course Descriptions and Program Requirements

The Dominican Global Public Health program is interdisciplinary and integrates an intellectual foundation in the liberal arts and the natural, behavioral, and health sciences with opportunities for active participation in local and global public health initiatives. The curriculum is delivered through a combination of classroom, laboratory, and online coursework with experiential learning opportunities with non-profit organizations, county and state health agencies, health delivery organizations, and research institutions.

Global Public Health Major

This program is designed to change the world by educating the next generation of globally-conscious and community-engaged thought leaders who are dedicated to health and wellbeing in California and around the world. The program is designed to allow for a fully customizable experience for students, allowing every student to pursue their unique interests, while it also provides a career-readiness pathway designed to secure jobs or graduate school positions for graduates. Other program features include a real-world public health practice experience with the Global Public Health internship, original data collection in the form of a guided research project in the Senior Capstone course, and community partnership experience through service learning.

Students have the option to select a concentration in Individual Health or Community Health, which can be used to meet graduate program requirements, support career goals, or expand the breadth of experience in the discipline.

Program Requirements | Course Descriptions

Public Health Minor

A minor in Public Health introduces students in other disciplines to basic health issues and the methods for preventing illness and protecting health. The Public Health minor curriculum consists of 19 units and includes the three courses identified by the American Association of Colleges and Universities as key knowledge areas for an educated citizenry.